Manchester United Supporters’ Trust hold Glazers primarily responsible for new low

Manchester United lacked a lot of things including hunger against Brentford on Saturday.

They embarrassed the travelling fans who spent their hard-earned money to get to Brentford. Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t even bother to acknowledge them after the match – which won’t surprise anyone since he did the same on several occasions last season.

United were beaten 4-0 at Brentford. It was nowhere near good enough, but the players should at least face up to their shortcomings and to thank the fans for coming.

The Manchester United Supporters Trust released a statement on Saturday night following the game, blaming the owners, and calling for radical change.

“We don’t normally comment on matches but extraordinary times call for a different approach…

“What we have witnessed tonight is an embarrassment – no, a humiliation – for Manchester United fans. And yet in many ways it was not a surprise. It feels like the culmination of a long-term direction of travel.

“MUST hold the owners of the Club primarily responsible for this new low in our decade of decline. Sir Alex papered over the cracks, but since 2013 the consequences of our owners has been plain to see.

“On behalf of Manchester United fans everywhere, we demand urgent and radical change. And we as fans – all of us – need to stick together. Fans unity, with one voice aimed at the owners and the club, is needed more than ever right now.

“Finally, as the fans in the ground today showed, we will always support the shirts. Support the team, and defend the club. Our flag is deepest red, and we will never die.”

It feels like the club is in a state of emergency and needs rid of the Glazers. That’s why fans protested last week, and I suspect the same will happen at the Liverpool match.

I can’t help but feel for Ten Hag during all of this. He should have had a better squad of players to start the season. No excuses.

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  1. How can anyone feel sorry for the UTD fans they keep on buying merchandise , keep turning up at matches. The Glazier’s will gladly accept your money it keeps the agony going. You have to stay away , withdraw your support and only then when the glazier’s start losing money will they listen to you or sell the club .

  2. Completely!!! a show of shame, the glazers should pls turn this club to a pub or night club if they won’t allow another management to take over, enough of this humiliation from chickens clubs that are making us to make records….. fuck glazers and the entire management of Man U 😭👎

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