Three Manchester United players told to leave club

Manchester United are a team very much in transition.

Despite already bringing in three new senior players already this summer, including Christian Eriksen on a free transfer, Lisandro Martinez from Ajax and Tyrell Malacia from Feyenoord, manager Erik ten Hag is not done there.

Following on from his new side’s opening Premier League defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion, ten Hag has been quick to revisit the transfer market.

Although believed to be continuing in their efforts to sign Barcelona midfielder Frenkie De Jong, according to more recent reports from The Athletic and Sky Sports Italy, the Red Devils have registered their interest in Juventus’ Adrien Rabiot and Bologna’s Marko Arnautovic.

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However, while the 20-time league winners work on at least two more potential deals, according to ESPN, the club have also informed three players they’re surplus to requirements.

Defensive trio Axel Tuanzebe, Phil Jones and Eric Bailly have all been told to find new clubs before the summer transfer window closes at the start of next month.

Should the trio depart Old Trafford within the next three weeks, ten Hag would have successfully trimmed his centre-back options down, leaving him with Raphael Varane, Victor Lindelof, Martinez and captain Harry Maguire.

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  1. The club is a shambles from top to bottom need someone in who knows something about football and I ask everyone not buy anything in the ground until the Glazers have gone

    1. The people at the top know next to nothing about football. The owners are idiots and parasites. They are bleeding the club dry. It will get worse, hopefully the Glazers will cash in. When they do cash in United will be at the bottom of the PL just missing the drop.

      1. 3 different managers and still they are crap. Maybe the players need to up their game, and the scouts need to be allowed to do their job. What’s giggsy gonna do?

  2. The owners the Glaziers/Board are the people that should be asked to leave.These are the people who have overseen the atrocious mess the club are in and getting worse.They collect their performance related pay ,fat salaries and collect share dividends while the football sides of the business is in meltdown.Please cop on and invest in what has made United great in the past and support the Manager.Buying rejects from abroad is not the answer and hanging around players who do not want to come to the club is destroying the credibility of MANCESTER UNITED.

  3. United need a new right back, centre midfielder and centre forward. We need to find top young talent to take United back to the level they should be playing at and to challenge the top teams in England and Europe.

    1. We need a quality box to box midfielder who can effectively break up opposition attacks and start creative play going forward, someone who can hold the ball and not easily concede possession, against Brighton McTominay, Fred and Bruno gave away possession 27 times!! That is totally unacceptable at PL level, against decent opposition we will get taken apart playing like that, it’s going to take Martinez time to acclimatise to the PL, we need an experienced, mobile, hard tackling CB to play alongside either Lindelof or Maguire until Martinez adjusts, we also need experienced cover at right wing half! Ericsson is the perfect creative midfielder, he should start before Bruno, who needs to rethink his approach, he’s far too wasteful in possession just now

  4. Give Ethan laird granacho and elanga their chance in the next game they can’t do worse than what we witnessed in the Brighton game

  5. United are finished as a football club. Once the Glazers are gone we can start to be a football club and not a brand. The Club is being destroyed by greedy parasites who don’t give a dam.

  6. The Glazers and the Board should leave the Club. The atrocious state of affairs in the Club is their doing. They collect performance-related bonuses, fat salaries, and dividends from shares, without developing the Club, or investing in its future, while filling their pockets. The Glazers have taken many times more than they have invested. It’s time for them to give a new face to MUFC – build a new stadium and improve conditions within the Stadium. Right now, they should buy the correct players to bring the Club to the level at which it was when they first bought it. If they cannot, they should sell the Club to a worthier buyer and leave before the Club is completely devastated.

  7. Without knowing the root-cause of the VIRUS that is eating the Club, some pple will start questioning the credibility of the MANAGER after nothing has changed. So sad!!

  8. How on earth will you say Bailey is surplus to the requirement if you are not been sentimental? Is Bailey not better off than Maguire, and co? Give him a match start and prove me wrong. ETH should be plain if not he will not complete even a season with United. The team doesn’t know how to press, too much romancing the ball when they should just do one two. Mcfred the worst combination, Bruno too wasteful and has unnecessary skills. And stop benching Cr7, and talk brain into Rashford or keep in on the bench. He lacks the charisma for the team at the moment.

  9. 4-2-3-1 formation and do this Goalkeeper De Gea
    Defense:Dalot ,Verane,Martinez,Malacia.
    Midfield:Zidane Iqbal,Charlie Savage then
    Striker – Ronaldo then see what the team can do and I promise u the team will click

  10. Fred and tomiley to be replaced with new signings.. Otherwise united will see fire till the end of the season

  11. It’s unfortunate you mention Bailey for departure. To me, Eric Bailey, Wan Bisaka and Luke Shaw should be players that should be given more game time instead of worsening their moral with threats of sucking.
    Sending away players isn’t a solution here, but if I had a choice of strengthening the defence, Maguire and Lindelof wouldn’t feature on my team.

  12. I believe including the Glazers in ManU’s poor pitch performance is far fetched.
    Find ways of revitalising the current crop of players.
    Threatening them with send off is negative.

  13. The problem is still there after several managers,its the Glaser family who are parasites & Man Utd needs to wake up to these Jews who are draining the clu of life

  14. Change the owners first. Move out the rejects and household names that the owners like. Keep players that are performers, like Eric Bailey. He’s a very good CB, but needs to be given a chance with Martinez. Both are very quick and can cover the defense well. Use the youngsters and try them out and they maybe the right players u need. Some of them have proven themselves in preseason. Change the team and start Ronaldo for as long as he’s part of the team. He’s a proven leader and goal getter. He’s always hungry to score. Good luck Ten Hag.

    1. Eric Bailey is too much of a loose canon. Too many times he goes into tackles two footed, picks up silly yellow cards, never quite know what you’re gonna get from him. Not a Utd player, IMO, needs to be moved on.

  15. The greatest problem facing the team is not defense but midfield duo of Mcfred, we have watched these guys for two season and we know they are not good enough to handle the job, what is stopping the coach from bringing in midfielder’s if the so called De jong deal is not working? Their other creative midfielder’s out there , why not go for them and stop relying on Mcfred?

  16. If you still Maguire , Fred and Mctominay then you still a shit side which ever way you look at it ..

  17. Why is Harry not on the exit list…..they letting a quality defender go in Eric Bailly and keeping the FRIDGE…..we will be fighting relegation…

  18. We all UTD supporters should boycott apparel ,games and all that’s linked to UTD , the glazers will then feel the pinch …Boycott games etc

  19. Why do you keep Maguire? He is a complete numpty. How can he be England centre back?
    Man Utd will be no good until he is gone

  20. Can’t help but feel a little sorry for Phil Jones. Seems to get slated by a lot of folks bit he’s ALWAYS given 100% for our club. Granted, not the most technically gifted player ever to wear the badge, but he gives everything, showing up most of his team mates regularly. The kind of guy who’d run through brick walls for ya, give blood and sweat for the cause. Consistently showing that he’s proud to wear the shirt, that it actually means something to him representing our great club. I’d rather have him going into battle with me than 90% of our so called “stars”. Really hope he finds a decent club, I’ll always be extremely grateful for his contribution even if the club isn’t. GGMU

  21. The ones that should be kicked our are the ones that disobey orders from Management they’re an absolute disgrace get rid of the big headed arrogant ones

  22. Some players have to go agreed but main problem is the Glazers and who they have appointed to run the club. They are only interested in commercial revenue and are not football orientated. Would urge every true red to boycott merchandise and to wear the yellow and green again and to walkout of games at ot leaving blank spaces would send message to Glazers and to potential sponsors.

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