Manchester United – Same sh*t, different day

A new mood of optimism had swept across Manchester United. A highly rated up and coming new coach had been hired, several players seen as problems had moved on and those at the top seen as responsible for the rot had gone. The team looked good in ore season, things were finally looking up. But it didn’t last long.

Very quickly we have seen a new transfer saga develop, following on from Cesc Fabregas and Jadon Sancho, we know have Frenkie de Jong. Whilst the former two ended up staying, it now seems like De Jong may be bound for Premier League rivals Chelsea. Erik ten Hag’s stance of only entering the market only for the right player seems admirable, it may end up end being his version of Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous ‘No Value in the Market’ quote.

So on the eve (at time of writing) of the new season, Manchester United have yet again failed to address the most glaring hole in their squad, central midfield, particularly of a defensive mindset.

So, we’re left to wonder, has anything really changed at the club, or is it simply a case of hanging a new pair of curtains up inside a derelict house? The club have seen striker targets go elsewhere to focus, allegedly, on a central midfielder who has yet to arrive. The new signings, although promising, haven’t addressed the obvious glaring holes in the squad.

The fact is that despite what they may claim, Manchester United still do not appear to be acting like a completely run club, possibly because, they aren’t one and won’t be one whilst run from another country by people who place their own pockets above all else, including what’s best for the business that allows them to line those pockets.

We’ve been here before, but what now. What if this promising new coach fails, not because of any shortcomings on his own part but because he’s been forced to operate with one arm tied behind his back because those above him, whose job it is to provide him with the tools to succeed, have, in yet another dereliction of duty, failed to do so. The United supporters, especially those in the stadium, will always back the manager and the team, it’s about time those in charge did the same.

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