‘Overpaid, under-performing wastrels’ – Piers Morgan slams Manchester United ahead of 2022/23 season

Genuine question: when does Piers Morgan have something good to say?

I think the answer is never as the British TV personality/journalist has built a reputation for being mouthy and immoral the best of times.

Moreover, he supports Arsenal, so you can expect him to have a damning opinion of everything Manchester United.

In Morgan’s latest column for The Sun, he dishes out several nasty claims about United players. Some you’ll probably agree with…

“The biggest bunch of overpaid, under-performing wastrels in Premier League history will have another terrible season,” wrote Morgan, as he predicted another disappointing season for the Red Devils.

“So much expensive talent but so little dedication, commitment or pride in wearing those world-famous shirts.

“New manager Erik ten Hag talks a good game but his transfer business so far has been seriously underwhelming and he will quickly discover his showboating Twitter-obsessed prima donnas just don’t have the right mentality to compete.

“I doubt they will even make the top six.”

I honestly couldn’t give a toss about what Morgan has to say about United. I never have and I never will.

He likes to call Ronaldo his friend because he interviewed him before. Just like how he was ‘close mates’ with Donald Trump when he thought he could gain from the relationship.

Hopefully, Ten Hag and our players make Morgan eat his words this season. We know there will be bumps on the way.

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  1. Piers Morgan has just described himself over paid and unlucky for us over here time he was put out to grass

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