Premier League 2022/23 table predicted by data analytics suggests more misery for Manchester United

Who will win the Premier League this season? Will Manchester United get back into the tour four?

The 2022/23 Premier League season is less than two weeks ago. Above are some of the questions you are likely to have ahead of the new campaign.

Manchester United will host Brighton in their first game of the season in what is Erik ten Hag’s first competitive fixture since becoming manager earlier this summer.

FiveThirtyEight publish football predictions using a model that tracks data going back to 1888 and they got access to several different databases.

You could call it their very own supercomputer for predictions, and they’ve had a go at predicting the upcoming Premier League in the shape of standings. You can learn more about how their methods works here.

However, it is disheartening to see FiveThirtyFive expect United to finish the season in sixth place with 57 points (1 less than last season).

More misery on the cards for United fans?

Final 2021/22 Premier League top 6, as per FiveThirtyEight:

  1. Manchester City – 85 points
  2. Liverpool – 80 points
  3. Chelsea – 72 points
  4. Tottenham – 66 points
  5. Arsenal – 61 points
  6. Manchester United – 57 points

Let us know in the comments section where you think United will finish this season?

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  1. They are ready to pull abig surprise this coming season just watch the space, third position!

  2. If anybody thinks United will sit down and fold their hands to allow all these negativities to engulf the team, then it is a big LIE.

  3. United will surprise this season….in my opinion 3rd with City 1st and Liverpool 2nd

  4. I think second or third in my opinion. We have prepared enough for the season let’s wait and see

  5. Let us just get one thing straight a computer is not going to tell me how the premier league is going to end up so let us enjoy the season and see who is going to finish where ok cause no computer is God thanks

  6. United will stay their 6 or 7 positions no improvement at all to my opinion I don’t see much difference at all period.

  7. To be precise, we will end the league in position three or four but my wish and hope is to be the champions

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