Where will United finish in the 2022/2023 Premier League season with Erik ten Hag?

Manchester United has been struggling for a long time, and the team has been looking for a way to improve. They’ve had different managers enter the scene, and we could tell that most of them couldn’t settle down with the team. The journey started with David Moyes, who couldn’t fill in the big shoes left by Ferguson.

The team was even part of the Champions League predictions at the time, but they couldn’t live up to the hype. Therefore, they’ve crashed and not entered the top picks since Alex Ferguson resigned. Therefore, Moyes was let go, and Louis van Gaal entered the scene.

They won some trophies, but the team didn’t meet the standard as other Champions League picks. Therefore, we saw a few interim coaches that tried to stabilise the team, but it didn’t work out. And Jose Mourinho joined after he left Chelsea. Mourinho brought some glory to the team, and we saw Manchester United winning a few more trophies.

But they wanted more, so they decided to let their most successful manager after SAF go and brought in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a Manchester United legend. He did well as an interim coach, as the team seemed to have become better than they were in the last few years. However, it all went to dust after he became the manager.

For three seasons, Manchester United struggled, and they couldn’t win any trophy; after unsuccessfully changing the team, Ole was let go, and Ralf Ragnick came in as an interim to help stabilise the team.

However, it went from bad to worse as the team missed the UEFA Champions League spot and didn’t win any trophy.

Before the end of last season, the team signed Erik ten Hag, and we’ve been anticipating the coming of the ETH. He seemed to be the one they needed to help change the atmosphere at the club and bring back the winning mentality. Therefore, we should get a team that would do better than expected.

Therefore, with ETH now at the helm of the team, we would like to analyse how the team would fare and where they would finish the season. Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

About the team

Manchester United is one of the biggest football clubs in Europe. The team has the experience and trophy collection to show for it.

They’ve been at the top of the chain for a long time, and as a result, we’ve seen them do what we believe was impossible. United under Sir Alex Ferguson was on another level.

The problem is that the team hasn’t reached that height in almost a decade. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on Ten Haag.

He would need to improve the team and make them start winning fast. Therefore, it would be difficult to tell how the team would fare and if ETH would be available for a long time to see to the end of the rebuild.

Ten Hag’s structure

We expect Ten Hag to come with a massive rebuild for the team. They need to change how they play and provide an incredibly new playing style. Therefore, it would be an exciting watch as we look at how the coach implements his structure, which is a more fluid style.

The structure would rely on the youngsters; only the group’s best can get a place in the team. Undoubtedly, we would have some exciting moments with the energetic players running down the opponents. However, we would like to know which players would be the go-to option for the coach.

Youngsters in the team

The team is filled with youngsters now, and we even expect more to come into the team. ETH is a coach that loves utilizing young players to shape them into what he wants.

In that case, we’ve seen how he can build a team, rivalling anyone worldwide. We saw what he did with the Ajax team, and we think he can do that with Manchester United.

Therefore, the youngsters such as Amad Diallo, Zidane Iqbal, Jadon Sancho, Shola Sholetire, Anthony Elanga, etc., would enjoy the new coach if they could do as he says.

We know they won’t be playing every game, but we think they would have a solid game time with the team to ease them into the senior level.

Our thoughts

Although Manchester United would not be part of the Champions League predictions today, the team can always build to bounce back and get to the highest level we know they can get to. In that case, we would love to see how the team would play under Erik ten Hag.

However, we don’t think they can displace last season’s top four, especially since they’ve not brought in enough reinforcement. So, we think winning the Europa League is their best chance to make it into the UCL for the 2023/2024 season.

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