(Video) 13-year-old Ten Hag tells Johan Cruyff how a coach should communicate with players

Incredible footage has emerged on social media featuring the legendary Johan Cruyff and a 13-year-old Erik ten Hag.

Prior to the start of his managerial career at Ajax, Cruyff appeared on a Dutch TV show and spoke to several young footballers who were part of academies throughout the Netherlands.

In the video below you can see Ten Hag dressed in a red polo shirt and sporting lots of brown hair!

Cruyff says: “But it happens a lot right, that a trainer yells. Or does that not happen with you guys?”

Ten Hag was first to respond, saying: “I think you should watch out that you don’t yell to the youth too much, because you can break a player like that.

“But on a higher level, such as the first team of Ajax, you should be able to say something about it. Those guys train almost every day of the week. If they keep making the same mistakes, you should be able to confront them.”

How forward-thinking for a 13-year-old!

Cruyff adds: “So that means you’d differentiate between youth and paid football?”, to which Ten Hag said: “Yes.”

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  1. Smart young Ten Hag. However still be forceful with the youth but it’s a matter of degree.

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