Would Cristiano Ronaldo remain at Manchester United and play in the Europa League next season

In 2003, Manchester United got the signature of one of the brightest prospects playing in Portugal. And in the six years he spent with the team, Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or, UEFA Champions League, and multiple Premier League. He was already one of the best players in the world, and the world was at his feet.

It was like watching a prospect drive at the race at Pocono Raceway. Ronaldo’s ceiling was high, and he beat every expectation. The player was hitting massive heights, and his move to Real Madrid was expected, changing the course of his career forever. He broke many records and won accolades, trophies, and lots more.

After his time at Real Madrid, he went to Juventus and continued to drop incredible performances. He scored goals easily, and the expectations were still high; undoubtedly, he delivered as much as possible. However, it didn’t seem to be enough. Therefore, it was time to move.

Finally, we got the homecoming we always wanted, and even though Ronaldo was already 36 at the time, we still knew he would bring many things to the team. We could see that his scoring ability is still there. Therefore, we expected much more from the greatest player when he joined the team.

However, unfortunately, the homecoming didn’t go to plan. Even though Ronaldo scored many goals for the team, they couldn’t win any trophy or compete. The worst part was that the team missed out on qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, and they had to wait until the last game to make it to the Europa League.

Since Ronaldo started playing at the top, he has never missed playing in the Champions League. So, it has raised the question if Cristiano Ronaldo would remain at Manchester United for the new season and play in the Europa League.

It would be shocking to see Ronaldo play on Thursday nights. So, this is what we think.

A Matter of Loyalty

One of the main questions before Ronaldo returned to Manchester United was his loyalty to the club. He responded by signing for United instead of playing for Pep in Manchester City. If he had joined City, he would play in the Champions League and might have won the competition last season.

The question is coming up again since the rumour that he might be moving away from the team. Many have begun to question his loyalty to the club, and they concluded that unless he stays, he is not a true legend. However, we think Ronaldo’s loyalty to the club should never be questioned, even if he leaves United.

Interested Clubs

Any team would be happy to get Cristiano Ronaldo into their team. Even though he is 37 now, Ronaldo is still a prolific striker who would give his all to the team and ensure they get the right players around him. Therefore, enough interested teams would take Ronaldo with open arms.

The only problem now would be his wages, which are pretty high; for a 37-year-old, no one can tell when he would decide to retire. Therefore, many teams are being careful not to put too much money on the table. It has nothing to do with his ability and how good he is in front of the goal.

Erik ten Hag’s Projection

From his time at Ajax, we know Ten Hag loves working with youngsters. However, he still has that affinity for integrating older players into the team.

In that case, we think there is space for Ronaldo in Ten Hag’s projection. Since he is still a top goalscorer, all he needs is enough service, and he will get the goals.

We believe he is a top player, and Ten Hag would get something incredible from him. Therefore, the goal would be to convince the star to stay.

It is also better if he speaks to the coach to see how he would fit into the squad for next season. We don’t expect him to play every game, but he sure would be a pivotal part.

Our Thoughts

The new season is right around the corner, and we can see that the training has been going on with players trying to improve themselves. From the looks of things, next season would be tough in the Premier League. It will take a lot of players their strength to survive the force that is about to come.

In that case, we think it would be better for Ronaldo to move to a more subtle league where he won’t have to push his body to a high tempo. But knowing CR7, he is not one to back out of a challenge. As a result, we think he will still be in the Premier League next season.

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