The 1958 urge United fans to unite and join anti-Glazer protest ahead of Premier League opener

Manchester United fan group The 1958 are urging fans to unite and join the upcoming anti-Glazer protest on August 7, the same day as our Premier League opener against Brighton.

The focus as United fans remains the same as we approach a new season. It’s an exciting time as we welcome a top manager to the club and wish him all the best on his journey to bring us success.

That said, United fans still want the Glazer family removed from our club. That won’t change until they are gone.

In a statement on Twitter, The 1958 stress that now is the time to increase pressure, with further details on the protest to follow in due course:

“Our focus as United fans remains the same. To remove the leeches from our club. We ask all United fans to unite and join the protest on the 7th of August. Now is the time to increase pressure. This time it won’t ‘blow over. Details confirmed soon.”

It is likely that supporters will gather outside Old Trafford in the hours before the game against Brighton to stage a peaceful protest, with the owners – not the new manager – the target.

This won’t be Ten Hag’s first game at Old Trafford as United manager. The team take on Rayo Vallecano, just one day after another friendly against Atletico Madrid in Norway, and that comes as another opportunity to ‘welcome’ the Dutchman to his new club.

Ten Hag will soon be familiar with the fans and our anti-Glazer message. He needs to be wary of them and their false promises.

Let us know in the comments section if you plan to attend the upcoming anti-Glazer protest.

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  1. Yes it must be concerted, continuous and concrete effort to get the Glazers to leave. If money leeching is their biggest obsession, they should put up the club for the biggest pay day. Easily the Saudis, Emiratis or the Qataris can offer at least £3-5 billion.
    Get the dough and leave, you biggest excuse for the owners of a mammoth symbol of football excellence. Your indulgence in practically trying to bankrupt the club is not only atrocious and smack of unsaturated greed and avarice but one that has already destroyed the club and alienated the fans to end.

  2. Brighton fans myself included will join you. We’re blessed with a fan as an owner but nearly lost our club to leeches just 25 years ago. All the best, Matt

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