Manchester United find themselves in terrible tangle over Frenkie de Jong

We are all getting fed up with the Frenkie de Jong saga and some Manchester United fans are beginning to question whether he is worth all the fuss.

Erik ten Hag has made it clear to the board that he wants to sign Frenkie de Jong from Barcelona this summer.

However, there has been a huge delay in proceedings, with different narratives stemming from Spanish press.

The La Liga owe De Jong £17m in deferred wages and are reluctant to pay that money this summer, as per The Independent, and would prefer to cash in on him before transfer deadline day. At a time we are all looking for the best deals, it would make sense to check netti kasinot while United suits get the choice to visit the best casinos in Barcelona.

Football writer and United fan John Brewin claims he has seen this movie before and it doesn’t think it ends too pretty.

Speaking on The Football Show on Tuesday, via Off The Ball, Brewin sympathised with fans who are fed up with the saga.

“I think that the dreaded scenario for Manchester United fans is a midfield of Fred and Scott McTominay lining up,” Brewin said. “Both of whom are decent players that probably need a better player around them.”

Brewin rightly questioned whether United had fully thought through entering negotiations with Barcelona, who have proven difficult in previous attempts to sign their players. One thing about Barca is they always bring drama.

“If I was in the football business, I really would not be wanting to rely on Barcelona at this point,” Brewin added. “Their activities appear to be a little shifty, if I can say that.

“Owing a guy €17m or whatever it is, and then expecting him not to want that money because he loves the club? That’s an interesting way of looking at things, isn’t it?

“It is almost like a Manchester United tradition, isn’t it? Those big players that fans have pinned their hopes on all summer, and then they’ve not arrived.

“Cesc Fàbregas infamously in the summer of 2013. Before that, Wesley Sneijder was linked every summer. Mesut Özil was one. There just seems to be this one player, and what often happens is they arrive the next year.

“Manchester United get themselves in these terrible tangles that get played out publicly. They get played by the Spanish clubs.”

While most United fans are trying to buy into what Ten Hag has planned for the team, I feel a signing like De Jong would lift moods for a bit.

However, Brewin wonders whether De Jong is quite worth the efforts that United have put in to trying to lure him over the past eight weeks.

“De Jong is obviously a talented player,” he said. “Obviously Ten Hag will know him well. But I’m not sure that the player that I’ve seen when I’ve watched Barcelona is quite worth the fuss.

“I don’t know quite what I am supposed to be seeing here. Actually, the fact that Barcelona are willing to get rid of him suggests that they hold a not dissimilar view to me on that as well.”

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  1. To my opinion, I think fifa should interfere in this case.
    Let fifa force the to pay the player money.

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