FIFA 23 release date confirmed with new trailer video

FIFA 23 release trailer is finally out.

EA Sports have announced the release date for both the Standard and Ultimate editions of the game as it will be the 30th and the last FIFA game developed by EA SPORTS.

The series will be called EA Sports FC as of next year.

It has been announced that this will be the first time fans of the popular video game will include both World Cups – from the women’s and men’s game.

The front cover will feature Chelsea’s Sam Kerr and Paris Saint-Germain’s Kyliann Mbappe.

Perhaps the biggest announcement with FIFA 23 is that there will also be cross-play for players across multiple consoles. That means PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia players will be able to enter online matches with others on any of these gaming devices.

If you cast your mind back to our childhoods, there was always the PlayStation vs Xbox debate in the classroom, on the rare occasion the teacher’s attention would stray. We all had our own preference and some of us even enjoyed Pro Evolution Soccer more than FIFA.

The rule of thumb was to buy whatever console most of your friends played on. The reason for that was fairly straightforward: so you could play online together.

Up until recently, it was impossible to do that with people on cross-platforms, so we all did with friends using the same gaming device.

Those still using last gen consoles – such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can get in on the cross-play action too, but only across those two platforms.

By purchasing the Ultimate Edition, you will be granted access to FIFA three days early on September 27, while those who purchase the Standard Edition can join the fun from September 30.

There is lots of talk about the introduction of Hypermotion 2 technology which gamers will be excited about since it aims to better replicate the actions which players take on the field.

Hopefully, that doesn’t mean we need to listen to Jordan Pickford roaring at his defenders whenever you play Everton at Goodison Park.

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