(Video) Aldi team up with Marcus Rashford to donate over 100,000 books to children across UK

Aldi has teamed up with Marcus Rashford to donate over 100,000 books to children in underserved communities this summer.

It is believed that over 410,000 children in the UK don’t own a single book, which amounts to one child in every 17.

Rashford has not only co-written books for children, but he previously donated over 250,000 books to children, in partnership with Macmillan Children’s Books.

This additional donation of over 100,000 books will only help offer more children to find the joy of reading.

Aldi made the announcement on Twitter, as seen below: “1 in 17 children in the UK don’t own a book so we’ve teamed up with @MarcusRashford to donate over 100,000 books to help keep children reading over the holidays.”

Speaking to Aldi, Rashford said: “I’ve experienced first-half the sacrifices that so many families have to make to put food on the table and pay the bills. I didn’t have access to a lot of books growing up because Mum had to make tough decisions, meaning I wasn’t able to read until I was 17. The impact this is having on children is devastating – reading is not only an essential life skill, but also a form of escapism that every child deserves to enjoy. I’m pleased to lend my voice to this campaign from Aldi to donate 100,000 books to children across the country that need them most, and I encourage you to join in and donate further.”

Rashford’s aim is to help all children across the UK experience the magic of reading.

I mean, let’s face it, every child should own a book of their own.

The Aldi website urges you to donate £5 to the cause – enough to cover the cost of printing and distributing two books.

We would like to wish Rashford well with his new campaign to help children.

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