(Video) Fabrizio Romano explains why Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave United

Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano has done a new video for his YouTube channel to give the latest news on Cristiano Ronaldo.

On Saturday, it emerged that Ronaldo has made it clear to United that he wishes to leave this summer.

Romano says Ronaldo likes Ten Hag, but has asked to leave because he wanted new signings – which I’m sure will come in due course.

He adds that Ronaldo is really ‘disappointed’ because he feels the club should be making a strong statement in the transfer window.

United’s stance is that the player is not for sale.

The Italian journalist stresses that this is not a formal transfer request but instead Ronaldo is asking for permission to leave if an offer comes in. I personally don’t think Jorge Mendes or Ronaldo would have leaked this if they had not received assurances from recent meetings with clubs across the contingent. We already know his agent discussed a potential move with Chelsea owner Todd Boehly.

If Ronaldo decides to go AWOL before the season starts, he’s not showing the new manager much respect and they need to come to a conclusion before the team jets off to Thailand next week.

Video courtesy of Fabrizio Romano’s YouTube channel

Let us know in the comments section if you think Ronaldo will leave this summer?

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  1. The Glazers are failing this once proud club on all fronts the greatest day in history will be them selling

  2. Ronaldo is ageing and has achieved alot on football, jumping from one club to another is disgusting.pls manunitted should now know that Ronaldo fakes his love for the club.he loves money,pls get rid of him now and move on with ur project. we will bounce back soon.hate u Ronaldo

    1. Am sure you don’t read before commenting,so you want him to flop at this time of his career ?
      Just because of his for a club he shouldn’t do right…if man utd refuse to make a statement in this transfer window the best option for Ronaldo is to leave ……Ralf said we need 10 players to get man utd going next season till now we got none and you’re here talking bad about Ronaldo,he took a pay cut to join utd while Messi is earning big at psg,let me ask you why do you think Eriksen have not decided to join man utd yet ?…playing along side Elanga while Fred and Scot hold d mid field is the best option for Ronaldo at this age ?
      Check out city and Liverpool they are doing business despite having the best squad in Epl,guy before commenting know the fact first

      1. Now at this moment if u want wake Maradona up and sign him sign world Pele sign zizoo and roberto Carlos all in thier spec Ronaldo will not stay in this club Ronaldo doesn’t want defeat why do u think he keeps running around claiming he’s going for new challenges ,this is the time for a challenge because he is a witnessed to the Europe league spot he should remain abd fight for a challenge prove to the world that u are the best ,but u are running to other teams who struggled without u and qualified for champion league spot,its disappointing to be honest.

    2. What a great disappointment from you, you nothing than enemy of united, hw can you say a 37 years old man who was initially going to man city but later got convinced by sir alex to rejoin united and score a total of 24 goals for us, why will you say he’s the problem.
      Let me tell you dis, if the boards are not ready to help united by signing quality players then we’re completely going no where

    1. Ronaldo disappointed from strategy of United, they even could not get Nunez, yet no single player is decided, their strategy is to bargain and bargain till those players are sold to other….
      So in last they will compromise on less quality players like they did previously….
      So in this situation better for Ronaldo to keep loyality aside and find better team if owners are not loyal to fans…

  3. Man U need
    To let him go and look to rebuild. They won’t feature in top four 22/23 season no way. Let the Man Ronaldo leave and find glory elsewhere if an offer is made available. He won’t tour Thailand and Australia and that’s telling to ETH. Why waste your fitness on pre-tour. Let him train and join another club.

  4. Let him leave. Many of Man. United transfer market were affected by his presence. I can’t imagine building a team on one player to be scoring. His age is no longer a guarantee considering last some one on one goals he misses. Good bye to him in advance

  5. You’re so stupid by leave
    Manchester United is bigger than Cristiano
    Get a fuck out of our team

  6. Not much to explain. United are terrible and Ronaldo doesn’t want to waste his time with this shower of a team.

    Last season basically the whole squad gave up. Ronaldo de gea and poss Fred were the only players literally who showed anything at all. Why would he waste his final years in football with these players?

  7. I don’t blame Ronaldo one bit for this. He wants to win more trophies and he knows they’re rubbish.

  8. He is a true manchester lover, he wants the club to be strong, its clear that with the current squad we are going no where. If the club does not buy potential players its good for ronaldo to leave look for a serious club.

  9. I don’t blame Ronaldo for transfer request.. The Glazers are failing the club, they don’t want to sign good players Antony,De jong,Timber and Nunez, Ten Hag wants those players but till now none has come to sign for the team why? Glazers is the problem

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