Mason Greenwood remains on bail following rape allegation

Mason Greenwood will remain on bail over allegations he raped and assaulted a young woman following a court hearing.

The 20-year-old was arrested in January after images and videos were posted online. This also led to him being questioned by police.

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Police have provided an update on their case involving Greenwood. His bail was due to expire in April, but the GMP made an application to the courts to extend it.

The Manchester United academy graduate was arrested on suspicion of assault, rape and making threats to kill.

On Friday, a force spokesperson said (via ITV): “Following a hearing yesterday, a 20-year-old man arrested on suspicion of rape, assault and making threats to kill on Sunday January 30 remains on bail.”

The GMP added that no further updates would be issued until Greenwood is charged or released facing no further action.

The club reacted quickly to suspend Greenwood from first-team activities after his arrest.

On top of that, the player lost his biggest sponsorship deals, even with Nike.

Greater Manchester Police have issued a statement to confirm the youngster remains on bail following a hearing on 23 June.

More updates to follow in due course.

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  1. why drag this case for search a long period,is it incompetence or what is it? should be over by now.

  2. he is either guilty or not, do they mean they have not completed investigations up until now? They should have gotten an alibi from the suspect, ascertain if it matches the events. secondly call in experts to check if the information posted is true or fabricated. lastly take both the suspect and victim for examination (psychological and physical). if that is hard then that proves a higher level of incompetency by the authorities.

  3. Justice delayed is justice denied. The poor guy should remain strong mentally. Practice @ home. Your future is still with Man United.💪

    1. His future is over with united and in england the only place this lads going is a jail cell and it’s fully deserved anybody who wants this lad back at united are not true supporters. He was a talented player but not even close when you compare him to a number of player’s his age and joining the epl at the moment certainly won’t be missed.

      1. How can you say that, That’s upon you if you will not miss him, us united fans will always miss him. Evil you.

        1. Nah bro..keep that to yourself. Allegations are serious and nobody with a sane mind will support. Says a lot about your upbringing

  4. He will never play for utd again even if he’s found not guilty.
    Can you imagine the outcry if utd played him knowing that there young girls in the crowd

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