Dimitar Berbatov felt uncomfortable with chant

Dimitar Berbatov was a brilliant player for Manchester United.

With a glorious first touch and eye for goal, it often looked like the Bulgarian played football with velcro football boots.

Following his 2008 transfer from Tottenham Hotspur, United fans came up with a brilliant chant for Berbatov, which you can read to lyrics to below:

Berbatov tov-tov,
He told City to f**k off,
Berbatov tov-tov,
He showed Spurs he was the boss,,
30 mil, we don’t mind, now he wears the
Number nine

The content of the chant didn’t make the centre-forward feel uneasy, but rather the fact that it meant he was the centre of attention. That doesn’t sit right for someone humble like Berbatov, who believes football is a team game.

When recently asked about the chant, Berbatov told club media: “Well, I heard it but, to be honest, in my case, in every club I was, there was a song. In [Bayer] Leverkusen, in Spurs, in United, in Fulham. But, in my case, it’s goingt to sound strange probably, but I felt uncomfortable.

“I don’t know why. It made me feel when I was hearing, please don’t sing it. I don’t know why but it makes me feel uncomfortable. In a way, it was good but I just want to play. I will do my job, I will entertain you guys but it was a bit, I don’t know, just out there, the spotlight, in a way that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. It sounds crazy and strange but it’s how I was and I still am.

“I just want to play football. I played football when I was playing for United and then go home. I know I entertain the fans, like, for example, the Berba spin against West Ham, and then I’m going home all smiles. I did my job.”

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