Gary Neville slams Glazer family ahead of dividend day

You would be naïve as a Manchester United fan to think after a rubbish season on the pitch, the owners would show some humility and take responsibility for the mess at Old Trafford.

The owners are the Glazer family. Instead they are pocketing more money at the club’s expense.

Last month it emerged via MailOnline that the club’s shareholders will be paid £11 million in June.

When I refer to the mess at United, I’m not just talking about the delay over transfers because it’s the summer. It goes beyond the team when you see the state of the stadium and how far our training ground facilities have fallen behind in terms of other Premier League clubs.

Once upon the time – before the Glazers – United were renowned for setting the standard in English football. That is why it angers fans like us and Gary Neville when we see the Glazers take the biscuit.

Neville has hit out at the American family on Twitter, saying: “The Glazer family should NOT be taking £11m in dividends this Friday. It isn’t right with the investment needed in the team, stadium and training ground. The clubs cash position is low compared to previous years. An announcement is needed to halt it for the next 3 years minimum.”

Let us know in the comments section what you think about the Glazers taking more money out of the club when it is in dire need of investment?

With a bit of luck, they might fix the leak in the roof this summer. It even spread to the dressing room last season!

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  1. Glaziers must not take any money now as we need to revamp the squad. Old Trafford has not been upgraded and new players must come in. All Glaziers do is siphoned off money from united. They are not interested in the club football, they only wants united money. Its better to have Arab owners who are more passion in thrir football.

  2. Leveraged buyouts should be illegal, buying something you can’t afford with other people’s money, then putting the debt onto the business you couldn’t afford. It’s like me getting an expensive house then turning it into a brothel to pay the mortgage. Glazers are parasites.

  3. we got have high debt hence this Americans are looking forward to pocket dividends.aaah what a shameful situation!!!!

  4. They’re investors not you’re regular pub fan. No need to be bitter. Make then an offer ànd buy them out if you have the nuts or stop winging.

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