Major changes to Champions League revealed for 2024/25

The UEFA Champions League will see major changes from the 2024/25 season onwards. Hopefully Manchester United will be back in Europe’s biggest competition by that stage.

We will soon see 36 teams participate in the tournament – jumping from 32 clubs that usually start the competition.

Two of the extra places will be awarded to the associations with the best collective performance by clubs in the previous campaign.

The other two places will be received by a third-placed club from a fifth-ranked county – which is currently France – and a domestic champion that would qualify through the so-called ‘Champions Path’.

Each team will play 8 matches, with 4 games taking place at home and 4 away.

A league table format will be followed for the initial league phase for all teams.

The top 8 teams will automatically qualify for the knockout stages, while teams finishing from 9th-24th will compete in a two-leg play-off.

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