Can Erik ten Hag transform Manchester United?

As the rumours about Erik ten Hag taking over the hot spot at Manchester United are over, many are anxious for this season to end and the new one with the Dutch manager to begin.

In this article, we’ve given our opinion about whether Erik ten Hag can transform Manchester United, based on football philosophy, coaching, and transfers.

Will There Be Any Changes in the Current Squad?

This is a season to forget for Manchester United and the fans are impatient for it to end sooner rather than later. As the end of the season is getting closer, the Red Devil’s dream about reaching the Champions League spot seems almost impossible to fulfil.

Many blame the appointment of Ralf Ragnick, while others shift their anger towards the players. But with an unstable season like this, with two managers and big spending in the summer, we can say that everyone is to blame, from the directors and staff to the players themselves.

We believe that Erik ten Hag has made a useful evaluation of the current squad and knows what changes are needed. In the defense, the question is whether there is room for Harry Maguire, as he is possibly the weakest individual on the field, despite being the most expensive defender in the league.

There are many rumors circulating about Paul Pogba and as things are shaping up, he is the first to leave Old Trafford. Erik ten Hag needs a team player in the midfield and Pogba doesn’t have those kinds of characteristics in his style of playing.

Cristiano Ronaldo is focused more on scoring goals than being the hard-working front-line player that modern football requires these days. The Dutch managers want a striker that can constantly press the opponent and do some defending as well.

Apart from these three players, there are several other players whose status at Manchester United is still unclear and who might leave this summer. But, too many changes in the squad aren’t a good idea as it brings more unexpected problems than fixing the current ones.

What Style of Play Can We Expect?

Erik ten Hag’s philosophy is very much like Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola’s, as he too likes an attacking style of play and creating a more attractive football on the pitch. Many coworkers and players describe him as a bit obsessive about football.

Applying an attacking style of play to a team that is outside the top 5 football leagues in Europe and being extremely successful with it is truly extraordinary. He plays with high up defenders even against much better sides, which is a very risky thing to do.

The man-management of Erik ten Hag is also excellent and all of his former and current players are saying that they have learned so much from him. He is spending an incredible amount of time on the training pitch and watches all the player’s potential and progress.

Ten Hag doesn’t put his focus on the star players, as he keeps an eye on every player in the squad and helps them improve, which is why many players respect him. He creates a system that is based on teamwork and pressing, and every player must give to the team.

The system that he’s creating at Ajax has continued to provide positive results even after the team sold its best players. Erik Ten Hag is easily finding new players to fit into the starting eleven. Changing the system at Manchester United won’t be easy, but with the right players and a strong belief in the new manager, things can certainly go the right way.

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