Manchester United seek help from former West Ham and Southampton player care specialist

It looks like there will be another fresh face at Manchester United with the club stepping up its strategic rebuild following the announcement of Erik ten Hag as the club’s new manager for next season.

According to The Athletic, United have asked former West Ham and Southampton player care specialist Hugo Scheckter to perform a full audit on the quality of the club’s pastoral offering for the first-team environment.

Although you can probably tell from the amount of dressing room leaks that have come out of United this season, it sounds like the club realise that morale within the club needs a boost.

Getting rid of some bad eggs makes perfect sense, such as Ed Woodward, but don’t think replacing them with internal appointments will make any difference to how the club is run.

More ‘jobs for the lads’ malarkey.

The Athletic’s David Ornstein writes: “The health check will review over 120 aspects of United’s processes, using a four-level rating system, in order to inform United where they are succeeding and failing in this area.”

Scheckter will also look at the transition from the academy into the first team and it is noted that he was present at the training ground last week, which suggestions that he has already started to work with United.

To conclude, Ornstein adds that United’s current head of player care Anne Wylie has chosen to retire after 36 years at the club. She worked in various roles including assistant club secretary.

Wylie joins a list of recent departures such as: Matt Judge, Marcel Bout and Jim Lawlor.

Who is Hugo Scheckter?

We’ve found a 7-minute clip from Scheckter explaining his career journey. It was uploaded in 2021, so there’s nothing outdated about it.

Player Care Group, a company he founded, is responsible for uploading the interview.

This could be just facing saving PR from United.

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