(Video) Graeme Souness makes nonsense claim to defend Glazer family

Gary Neville couldn’t believe what he was hearing but, then again, the words were coming from Graeme Souness’ mouth.

Roy Keane spent a chunk of tonight’s coverage describing how Manchester United of today does not resemble the club he played for between 1993-2005, criticising the Glazer family in the process.

Meanwhile, Gary Neville’s views on the ownership at Manchester United are well known. He was extremely critical of Ed Woodward down the years, too.

But apparently Graeme Souness knows better.

Souness accused Neville of putting too much blame on the Glazer family following Liverpool’s 5-0 win over United at Anfield.

“In terms of the funding, you cannot be critical,” Souness said to Neville on Sky Sports.

He adds to his nonsense defence of the Glazer family: “It’s a business, Gary.”

Neville went on an anti-Glazer rant in response, saying: “They’ve undermined managers over the last ten years by elevating the players to a god like status and the players haven’t performed.”

Footage courtesy of Sky Sports (H/t Football Daily)

The stadium and training ground is falling apart but Souness thinks the Glazers have done no wrong at United. A shockingly poor take you wouldn’t get from a knee-jerk YouTuber.

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