‘The Glazer family must go’ – Gary Neville sends warning to Manchester United owners

Gary Neville has echoed the thoughts of Manchester United fans after urging the Glazers to sell the club.

It’s the first anniversary of the infamous European Super League launch and Neville, who was extremely outspoken against the idea, has reminded Joel Glazer that he has since made a number of false promises to improve communications with supporters.

The former Manchester United captain has tweeted: “It’s 1 year to the day the European Super League was launched. 6 clubs in this country including mine were willing to destroy English Football for their own greed. 12 months on United fans are still angry and waiting for Joe Glazer to show as he promised. The Glazer family must go!”

I must add that I think the Glazer’s chance to make amends is long gone. They have been United’s owners for 17 years, only showing that they are in it for the coin and not running a fully functioning football club.

Under the Glazer’s ownership, Manchester United has served its sponsors rather than the fans, with more protests taking place over the weekend showing how unhappy supporters have become after reaching of leaching.

Gary Neville’s influence in the fight against Glazers

Neville has become a politic figure in the past year, especially when it comes to pushing for an independent football regulator, as per BBC Sport.

He previously said independent regulation is “essential” but a regulator “must have teeth, and the ability to veto and step in on behalf of fans.”

One would think Neville is looking for the role himself.

By coming out on Twitter and voicing his anti-Glazer stance, Neville could influence other former players to do the same.

More should join the conversation.

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