Norwich City brutally troll Harry Maguire before Premier League meeting

Norwich City have taken a dig at Harry Maguire for his poor season with Manchester United.

Ahead of their trip to Old Trafford, the Canaries’ Twitter account posted a picture comparing the stats of Maguire and their captain Grant Hanley.

The two defenders have made the same number of appearances in the Premier League this season and scored one goal each, but Hanley has won more key duels (143) than the United skipper (116).

via @NorwichCityFC

It goes without saying that Maguire is a more accomplished defender than Hanley, a senior England international too, and Norwich City are doing this purely for engagement purposes.

The problem I have with this, as a United fan first and foremost, it that Maguire gets constant abuse that has transcended football and has become practically personal.

In a day and age where we are having important discussions about mental health, about how players are also human beings and need to be treated as such, we see people, sometimes United supporters, taking shots at a defender simply because is not performing.

As Norwich City will find, it generates likes and retweets on social media. That doesn’t excuse constant internet abuse or make it more logical.

We have also written about how Paddy Power has been targeting Maguire this season as well as the hate culture at Manchester United.

Hopefully Norwich City enjoy life back in the Championship!

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  1. What a nonsense article. The twitter post is simply comparing stats. It makes no nasty assumptions and Norwich regularly compare players stats prior to games. No trolling involved. Yes there are responses some not so kind but that’s nothing to do with the club! Your comment about Norwich enjoying life in the Championship, whilst likely true, is absolutely meant to offend. (Just to let you know, I think we will enjoy the Championship far more than the Premiership. At least it’s more open and less dependent on mega rich owners buying success season after season)

  2. He is just being stupid. No one needs to tell him he should be on bench. It will protect him from himself but the stupid coaching staff keep playing him and he keeps making catastrophic mistakes. Don’t blame opposing fans who quote stats or troll him. He can only blame himself.

  3. After this comparison will Hanley be at Norwich next season? Highlighting that he has had a better season than the England regular centre back might get other clubs calling and playing in the PL might be more attractive to him then going back to the championship. I wonder how Hanley would have fared behind McFred, this duo really exposes centrebacks.

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