Manchester United release statement after fans spot Mason Greenwood’s profile active on club website

Manchester United fans were surprised to see Mason Greenwood’s player profile active on the club’s official website.

The Red Devils have confirmed that Greenwood’s situation remains unchanged which makes him banned from club duties until further notice.

Greenwood is currently out on bail after his arrest on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and threats to kill.

United have responded to claims on social media saying they are false.

“There has been no change whatsoever in Mason’s status,” the club said, as per The Sun.

“We removed his profile from the club app soon after he was removed from the squad in January.

“This was in order to remove Mason from interactive elements of the app, such as team predictions etc.

“However, his profile was never removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player, albeit not currently part of the squad while the legal process unfolds.”

United suspended Greenwood back in January following his arrest and he has not played since the Premier League fixture against West Ham.

According to The Mirror, Greenwood’s bail will expire on 30 April, at which point it could be extended.

Elsewhere, Greenwood has been removed from FIFA 22 and Cadbury, one of United’s partners, but everything has gone quiet in recent months with the investigation ongoing.

Greenwood made his senior debut for United in March 2019 and made a total of 129 appearances for the club.

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  1. We know that what mason did is not right but one thing i know is nobody is perfet so i suport him in any thing he’s doing i can’t rejeat him because of the mistake he do

    1. Beating and raping someone is not a mistake it’s a crime! It’s takes a certain kinda person to do what he has done!

        1. You kidding right? If you have a girlfriend and she says no to having sex and you go right ahead and carey on after she’s said no, it’s rape doesn’t matter If she’s your girlfriend or not… I think you shouldn’t be aloud near women not knowing that shit, Greenwood should be locked up and I don’t get why people like you are trying to condone/justify what he did.

        2. If his girlfriend said no to sex and he didn’t respect her wishes then it is rape!

          1. What if the case is otherwise ?
            Why is it all about women protection while leaving men endangered ?
            I am not justifying the act IF he actually committed the crime. What am saying is that laws shouldn’t be biased when women emerges as perpetuators .
            Western laws only focus on degrading males , and I want to know why.

      1. Everything that happened was a set-up to the girl that do to Mason greenwood,if not a set-up then what do you call it.a girl that everyone already knows about there relationship with manso green wood. the girl plan all that to spoiled Mason greenwood reputation and she succeed shis not a good girl if check his profile you will see all there picture together it was a set-up I can’t call it a rape no an ordinary sex she can not offer him a sex wen his in need of it,abeg it was a set-up

        1. You deluded idiot. They were together for years. Childhood sweethearts. Educate yourself about rape and abuse. You clearly did not see the video that got posted.

      2. Rape is inexcusable and all woman should be defended.

        But let’s be honest, a minority of women are as bad as men, therefore they are ready to lie and send a young rich man to jail to get money and attention.

        These may represent only 1 to 2% of rape cases received by the Police, but we should never underestimate that.

        Neymar would be in jail if there was no footage in the hotel proving that the woman who accused him was a crazy garbage person hitting HIM, not the other way around.

    2. You having a laugh!! Might aswel just condone what he done. If he’s found guilty, hope his face gets broken! If that was my daughter on the receiving end, he’d already be buried! Wrongun c*nt!!

    3. Yes indeed, we all just human being, We all make mistakes and indeed the allegation against him were of serious in their nature but until he is proven guilty in court.

      1. You’re all a bunch of thick cunts thinking it’s okay to rape a woman, need ya head checked you odd fucks, honestly just cuz you support a team doesn’t mean you can back their players if they’re rapists

      1. How do u no that 4 sure if he did then fair do hope he gets done 😡but why have they not charged him yet.. chad evens comes to mind innocent till proven guilty

      2. You do not have a clue what went on why not wait for the police to sort it out been that long they have got no evidence yo carry on

      3. There must be some discrepancies in the case as he hasn’t been charged yet. If they had enough evidence he would have been charged.

    4. except the girl tell the truth,the court itself will remain in dark as for this issue.
      For a girlfriend or fiance whatever we call it to set record either audio or video there’s something in dark which only the lady can say.
      I remain in support of Mason not rape until realities of it.

    5. It’s people like you that are fucked in the head he’s a rapist a sex offender and a cunt if it was your daughter would you still stick by him?

    6. So if he did that to your sister, daughter, niece you would the attitude nobody is perfect, if he did that and it’s proven he needs ti be locked up and the key thrown away

  2. amidst all errors commited by mason greenwood as a player of manchester united but the reality is i love his playing ability and scoring spirit for the red devils, so the true facts are he is a promising star in season or years to come wheather he his epelled from manchester united or not. Thanks

    1. hes a wanker and a greedy twat hope he gets fucked up big time the fucking prick he is cant stand the cunt

  3. Right,what Greenwood did was were not good but i believe that United is struggling due to lack of him. He’s not the first one to be accused of such offenses,let the investigations goes on and they pardon him,he’s still young and i believe he learned in this mistake he made.
    Man utd need this talented young boy.

    1. Learned from his mistake the prick should be hung by his balls he has raped a woman what planet are you off

      1. What am about to say might be seen negatively by people, but they two have been in the so called relationship nowadays since like forever they must have been intimate with each other well the case of rape there i really doubt but the assault that i might believe. The case rape in like a wife saying her husband raped her. let’s rather take correction from this.

        1. Have you not herd the recording that was released by his girlfriend? This is not some he said she said relationship drama, he’s literally on record doing it. Plus it not OK weather they are together or married or whatever, rape is rape.

          1. So she predicted she was going to be raped!? And just stayed there and filmed it!? If she thought she was going to be raped why stay there and film it?? No-one is perfect I do not ever condone violence but was he set up?
            Guilty until proven innocent

      2. Allegedly raped someone where is your proof. He is innocent until proven guilty. What planet are you off to find him guilty before any trial.

      3. Bro he raped a girl yes that’s heinous but for god sakes his still Young his not even 22 yet how much of a devil can you be

    2. Did you just basically say that it’s ok that he’s a rapist because you need him on the pitch for points. Some deluded mother fuckers on this page. Just think if this was your daughter who repeatedly said no !!

  4. If he is found not guilty – (and we don’t know all the evidence- so he might be-) of course he should be reinstated! Obviously if this is true then he has to be in prison- but we don’t know his accuser or whether she’s telling the truth! We have to keep our options open- it’s only fair.

    1. His accuser is his long term girlfriend from high school who herself has a very successful career.

  5. Manson is a very tangible player whose performance in the pitch is always outstanding. Why is it that he should be pardon so that he could rectify up on his fault. Rather than getting out of him just ….

  6. Innocent untill proven guilty. Don’t let him rust. He is good for the world of soccer

  7. If Queen Elizabeth can give Prince Andrew a 2nd chance after he raped 11 year old girls, Mason Greenwood also deserves a 2nd chance. He hasn’t been proved guilty and he is still with his girlfriend.

    1. Who are the 11 year old girls Andrew raped 😂 you fucking fantasist. Give your head a wobble soft lad….

  8. We are all gonna have to except even if he wasn’t found guilty his career is probs over. Shame He could have been a great, another one whose off-field choices ruined the potential. remember Ravel Morrison

  9. I actually know tht Mason committed something silly but he is still young let him learn by the mistake and continue with his career as man utd player plz

    1. I can barely understand what you are saying, but are you trying to say you can’t take someone if they are your wife/girlfriend and you are in a sexual relationship with them?

    2. Something silly?? How would u feel if it were Ur daughter! It wasn’t just a mistake, he broke the law!

    3. Mason committed a crime that has had both physical and likely life long trauma and emotional distress for that poor woman. Anyone who is aware of the recordings and has a singular brain cell wouldn’t doubt for a second what happened that night. The only questionable thing is whether this is the only time. She is likely never going to truly heal from these events , so why should he be allowed to go back to his lifestyle. I hope the people that value a teams performance more than the moral compasses of those on the pitch never have to experience the events that happened, because you would soon change your mind.

    1. Toe I think Mason deserves a chance and his girlfriend is doing well so far with the support, the kid has potential and Man I have been kinda dog without him. But he’s young things like this happen I support Mason

  10. Let’s not play judge, jury, and prosecution… Let the lawyers do what the lawyers are supposed to do. Reach a verdict.

  11. We are human and we make mistakes. Greenwood should be allowed to play. He is a promising star.

    1. Raping someone is not a mistake . It’s a choice . It’s a dominance thing . It’s about showing a woman that the big man is in charge and can do whatever he wants . Actions and bad choices have consequences.

  12. Nobody is above mistake,let them padon my smaller let him come ball for me.
    Am missing him at man utd right now,if he is playing us now things would have not been we can’t even win match,teams like watford,bunley were are drawing with them.
    Allow mason be back on pitch.
    My guy don’t worry enh,God will visit you,and ur haters and enemy will put to shame.i miss you.goodluck.

    1. More important things in life then football, football is my life, but why is it mainly man utd fan base in Africa defending him? Calling it a mistake? Saying you need him to win games. He has clearly committed serious crimes and must face the punishment and justice. Stupid comments on here saying he made a mistake.he is a wrong ON!!!

  13. Life is a difficult lesson to copy and judge for each has a different question paper.
    Despite of all the crimes the lady is missed and is so special

  14. It frustrates me seeing comments like “there in a long term relationships it’s not rape”

    so if your daughters come home saying “my boyfriend just raped me”

    would you be like no he didn’t cause your in a relationship with him???

  15. For my own poin of view the just want my Guy out of the team if not someone she call her my grilfriend will say i rape her? ok see what is going on in man u now.

  16. I strongly believe that mason is innocent reason being he was leaving his girlfriend which is now ex girlfriend and she didn’t like it wanted to ruin his life why say something what supposed of happen 2 years ago? She only decided to bring all the rumours alive when mason decided to get rid of her

  17. He said no he didn’t rape the girl..

    I swear if a girl collect money from someone just to spoil my career like this… I will buried you alive.. What nonsense…
    How will you humiliate a promising young man like this.

    Fake girl friend…..

  18. It is really bad for a man to assault a woman in whatever way. Greenwood now lives to see the consequences, buta woman who prepares and records a rape to herself leaves puzzled

  19. Greenwood is still much loved by me, I know at his age it might be inevitable to go on without a sexual relationship but I believe he never raped the girl, it might be a misunderstanding between them and she thought of a way to deal with him probably with a sexual conversation which they had that might not really go down well with her, she had it all planned for sure this girl never loved or deserved to be his girlfriend

  20. All I can honestly say is I’m absolutely disgusted with the comments Iv read.
    “ they were in a relationship so it’s not rape” – WHAT?!?!?!?! You all need throwing on an island and to never be near the decent people who walk this planet!!
    “He’s only 22 he should still have a football career” WHAT?!?!?! NOOOOO if he’s raped his girlfriend he needs to be in prison!! At any age!!

    Football is a game!!! A game!!
    Rape is a crime!!!
    Rapists need to be in prison!

    Who ever the hell thinks rape is ok and football is more important…. I worry for the people around you!!

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