Gary Neville issues five steps for Glazers to follow to reset Manchester United

Gary Neville has set a list of instructions for the Glazer family to follow in order to reset the club.

The former Manchester United captain has been outspoken for some time about changes that need to be made at Old Trafford, and he continues to focus on how the club is being run.

Whether or not you agree with Neville, it’s unlikely that the Glazers will follow any of instructions because it has always been clear that they don’t care about the football club.

The Glazer family are only interested in making money from the football club.

Neville’s recommendations include a brand new stadium, new training ground and restructure of how the family finance the club.

He has called for each member of the Glazer family to stop taking the dividends out of the club if they want to reset the culture. That seems pretty fanciful if you ask us.

“They’ve got to stop taking the dividends out of the club if they want to reset the culture,” Neville told Sky Bet’s The Overlap. “When the owners are pulling money out of the club at the expense of the fans at the expense of the project, it’s a bad message from the very top the cultural aspect of that is terrible.

“They’ve got to pay off that debt and they can do that by selling £500m-worth of shares to the fans, not take it out of the club and pay off that debt, they can then rebuild that stadium for a billion quid.

“That doesn’t need renovation, that needs a new stadium and that money can be funded by a 20-year contract by getting a sponsor in at £70million-a-year call it something Old Trafford but we have a brand new stadium and it resets the culture of Manchester United having the best stadium in the world. That needs to happen.

“They then need to build a new training ground. Roy [Keane] and I were part of the squad when we moved 22 years ago out of The Cliff, we were devastated to leave but we’ve now got a training ground that’s behind Tottenham and the others.

“They then need to put another £150m-a-year into a proper sporting project along with those four things and then you can say the Glazer family have reset the whole culture from the top; of giving, of doing something that means something.

“They’ve got to do something that resets the culture of the football club. They’ve not done that for 10 years and they need to do it now. The fans are on the edge again.”

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