(Photo) Avram Glazer holds meeting to create ‘Manchester United cricket team’

Manchester United’s co-chairman Avram Glazer appears to be planning a Manchester United cricket team launch in the United Arab Emirates.

The specific details are unknown but a tweet from Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed suggests that talks are underway. The chairman of the Dubai Sports Council tweeted: “I met with Avram Glazer, co-chairman of Manchester United, today and discussed ways to work together to further raise Dubai’s profile as a global sporting hub.

“We also discussed the UAE T20 Cricket league’s launch in January 2023 featuring Manchester United cricket team and other teams.”

This comes after the Glazers decided to buy a UAE T20 team after failing in their bid to purchase an Indian Premier League side.

Why are the Glazers getting involved in cricket, you may ask? For the same reasons they inflicted a debt-ridden takeover of Manchester United in 2005… To make money.

It’s a cheap way to market their new brand – by using Manchester United’s name just for the sake of it.

As we’ve said on a number of occasions, the Glazers are always looking for new ways to milk more money out of United.


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