How Cristiano Ronaldo’s conduct surprised Manchester United teammates after picking up an injury

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-class footballer and one of the most successful players in Manchester United’s history. However, his conduct on the pitch has surprised his teammates after he picked up an injury.

The Portugal star usually plays with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but after picking up an injury, he displayed a different side to himself. He was reluctant to participate in training and preferred to rest instead. This caused some tension within the team as they felt that their team had become much weak after Cristiano Ronaldo’s Injury.

What Happened?

Ronaldo was not in action for United last week because of a hip injury, which prevented him from playing. The striker, 37, recently suffered an acute injury to his hamstring and did not attend Manchester United’s 4-1 loss to Manchester City in the Etihad Stadium on Sunday afternoon. With his hip flexor having gone amiss the previous day, manager Ralf Rangnick said ahead of the match, “His goal-scoring capabilities are what [these kinds of] opponents are trying to block.”

However, Ronaldo was absent at the match at the weekend and decided not to make the trip across town. Instead, the team claims he flew back to his native Portugal, surprising his teammates and the coaching staff due to the magnitude of this important match.

What Did His Teammates Say?

Manchester United does not require injured players to remain with the first team even if they wish to return to the game. However, Manchester United feels that Cristiano Ronaldo’s return could contribute to the team’s chances of winning as he was one of the club’s seniormost players.

A former coworker and manager, Roy Keane, was quoted as saying this on the program’s pregame coverage: “More needs to be said about the Ronaldo saga when a manager comes out and discusses a hip flexor, which I don’t get. We cover Ronaldo as a machine and rarely being hurt, but every so often, he comes out with it a hip flexor? “It doesn’t suit me.”

Because of his injury, this injury also kept him out of the 2-2 draw with Aston Villa. He is expected to be back ahead of Tottenham’s upcoming match against the team’s front line that has been exhausted due to the Derby defeat. He made no updates on his fitness in the days following that bad loss, and it is unclear how much training he will be doing at Carrington this Tuesday or whether or not he will be in attendance at all.

Why Was It So Surprising?

It was surprising to see Cristiano Ronaldo pick up an injury and miss Manchester United’s match against Newcastle United. The teammates were not sure how to react, with some surprised and others concerned. Some thought that Ronaldo would be able to recover in time for the next match, while others were worried about his long-term health. It was a difficult moment for all of them, as Ronaldo is one of their most important players.

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Final Thoughts:

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player, and his conduct on the pitch is always above board, but this incident was unexpected. His teammates were surprised by his actions and what they said about it was interesting.  It will be interesting to see how Manchester United performs without Ronaldo and whether or not the team can compensate for his absence. For more blog posts, please keep visiting our website.      

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