(Video) Andy Goldstein makes strong argument for picking Cantona over Bergkamp

Eric Cantona over Dennis Bergkamp. There’s no question about that.

Andy Goldstein is a leading presenter on talkSPORT, who happens to support Manchester United, and works on a freelance basis for MUTV.

During a recent show with former Premier League striker Darren Bent, he made a valid argument to shoot down claims that Dennis Bergkamp was a better player than Eric ‘The King’ Cantona.

“I’d have Cantona over Bergkamp,” Goldstein said on talkSPORT radio.

“Cantona won the Premier League two years on the spin, with two different clubs.”

Check out the footage below, courtesy of @talkSPORT:

Goldstein notes how rare this achievement is, with Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante being the only player to come to mind for having done it at Leicester City during Claudio Ranieri’s remarkable campaign in 2015/16, but Bent was having none of it.

Of course, Cantona did it at Leeds in 1992 before winning it again under Sir Alex Ferguson in 1993, before he became known as the catalyst for the success that would follow.

Bergkamp scored more Premier League goals than Cantona but spent 11 years at Arsenal, which is more than double Cantona’s duration at Old Trafford.

Cantona was also banned from playing football for nine months after kicking a racist.

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