(Photo) Abdu Rozik poses with Cristiano Ronaldo as Hasbulla’s rival visits Old Trafford

Abdu Rozik’s dream was to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and that became a reality this week when he met the Manchester United squad.

Rozik, reportedly the world’s smallest singer, is a rival of Russian blogger and TikTok sensation Hasbulla Magomedov.

The Tajikistani singer suffered from rickets as a child which led to his growth being affected, whereas his Russian rival Hasbulla, who has a close relationship with retired UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov, was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency.

The pair clashed at UFC 267 which made the headlines.

Much like Hasbulla, Rozik’s baby-faced appearance has left many wondering how old he is, but he is in fact 18-years-old.

Rozik took to social media to show off his pictures with the United players.

He made a separate post for his picture with Ronaldo followed by the caption: “Let’s go champ @cristiano dreamt my whole life to meet you bro.”


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A post shared by Abduroziq Official (@abdu_rozik)


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A post shared by Abduroziq Official (@abdu_rozik)

Rozik was recognised by fans outside Old Trafford on Saturday and received cheers before tipping his hat to the crowd.

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