Ralf Rangnick sees no reason to strip Maguire of Manchester United captaincy

Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick has responded to claims he should drop Harry Maguire and strip the England international of his captaincy role.

Maguire has come under immense criticism this season – even before Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s sacking in November – but Rangnick’s change in tactics to make us a more high-pressing team do not appear to have played to the strengths of our captain.

The centre-back looked a lot better when United sat back with two holding midfielders to hit teams on the counter-attack, but it seems like those days are gone, with United trying to play a more aggressive brand of football.

Some supporters have called for Rangnick to strip Maguire of the captain’s armband, though I’m not sure we have many leading candidates to takeover. We also suggested that Victor Lindelof should start ahead of him in tonight’s league clash against Brighton.

Rangnick doesn’t think the drastic action is necessary.

Speaking ahead of United’s home match against Brighton on Tuesday night, the boss said: “I think when he came back after his injury he did extremely well. He had a very good performance, a very good game against West Ham.

“In the past two games, yeah he had some weaker moments, against Southampton and when we conceded the goal at Burnley, but he’s our captain and I don’t see any reason to change that.”

However, Maguire at Euro 2020 was superb, and it wasn’t the first international tournament that he impressed in, as England reached the final only to lose against Italy.

Rangnick added: “He’s a player who has to develop, get better, like all the other players.

“The way that we are playing now is new also to him because in the English national team he was used to playing in a back three and here at Manchester United, in most cases a back four, but still not being as proactive, not with that kind of rest defence always being on the front foot when we are trying to defend.

“This is something also new to him and it will also take some time for him to get used to that, to get adjusted to that.”

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  1. Approximately 90-95% if not more fans are stating Maguire is not worthy of the captaincy. Things change Rangnick states.
    He stated he as to learn. If a football player is still learning, then he most definitely does not have the competence to wear a captains arm band.
    More worthy of that armband is on the arm of the very capable Christiano Ronaldo with a wealth of International and premier league football. He has the physical side and most definitely his mentality is topped bar none at Manchester United at the moment.
    If a player, manager or coach is not in touch with their body and mind together, there can not ever be a good balance between playing decent football with the fire in their bellies a heart for their club and a passion to win.
    I see myself many of the players looking at a loss out on the field with no direction.
    There is a lot that can be achieved from actuall listening to Ronaldo and a few other good players in the club.
    Many new and younger players are of the mind of “ I made it, I’m in a top premiere league club I made it. If I win or lose now I’m still getting paid”
    Football should never be about where I am who I am. It’s about having the passion the love of your chosen profession. Having that desire to train to your best, learn from your Co- players Working as a team and not being or trying to be a one man band. It’s togetherness being mentally aware taking on the opposition and have the need the thirst to want to be best and win.
    However back to Maguire there is no support for this man he has been nothing but a fool on the field. Fans, the ones that pay their wages and make Manchester United what it is or was should be heeded.
    If they are telling the club it’s wrong then whom ever makes the decision’s should listen.
    Rangnick is to much of a lovely man to put his foot down. Demand what he expects and make that a real point. Or ask himself why he is here.
    Ferguson. Well now we all know how it’s been since he left. Down and deeper down until we become a laughing stock that cannot beat a 20th place team. Cannot beat any team lower down the lists.
    Why because no one person as the grit or guts to do what Ferguson did to Make Manchester United the envy of the world. The most respected club the only club feared by other clubs.
    Only in my opinion could two men do that that would be Zidane or Erik van tag.
    Until Maguire steps down and does and completes his learning as Mr Rangnick states he needs to do then that armband does not belong on his arm.

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