Man United had major concerns over Greenwood’s ego and behaviour

Manchester United have had some major concerns over the behaviour of Mason Greenwood.

That’s according to a recent report from the Daily Mail, who claims members of the Red Devils’ backroom staff have been worried about the troubled striker for several months.

It has been suggested that the attacker has struggled to remain grounded after shooting to stardom, amplified by his whopping £75,000-per week contract.

This report comes after it was recently confirmed that Greenwood, 20, had been arrested on suspicion of assault and rape (BBC News) following shocking allegations made online on Sunday by former partner Harriet Robson.

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The 20-year-old will now remain embroiled in a serious investigation and will not feature for United for the foreseeable future – if again, at all (Sky Sports).

It is perhaps no surprise to see United and its senior hierarchy work overtime to distance themselves from the disgraced footballer.

Although Greenwood’s future remains up in the air until more facts are established, there is no denying that his image is tainted and when it comes to public relations – United are notoriously conscious of their commercial reputation.

Last weekend’s eye-opening news would have undoubtedly shocked the club, but when there were supposed worries for such long a time, perhaps there were fewer surprises.

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  1. All this problem with Mason Greenwood is due to Ole (Ex MU Manager) for not grooming him with proper discipline under his management. Just for comparison purpose take Alex Ferguson how he brought up Ryan Giggs under his guidance, it’s the same with Greenwood, if OGS has been a strict with proper discipline with this guy, today MU wouldn’t have to face all this humiliation from the media and public. That Norwegian moron should take some blame and responsibility as well.

    1. Would that be the Ryan Giggs who is also charged with abusing his girlfriend? And who had a years long affair with his sister in law?!

      You can’t blame Ole for this!

    2. Lol please use another name not Red Devils you don’t deserve to use it.

      You citing Ryan Giggs as example shows how clearly clueless you are. Of all names you could pick, you picked Giggsy. The man who was fired for problem with women too.

      You are an embarrassment to MU fandom. Really.

      1. Hey dude why bring the country up for an individual’s comment..I am from India and to me ole will always remain a legend..

    3. Never read such rubbish. The media etc are more to blame as they blow these young players up to be super stars before they have learnt there trade. His demeanour always seemed to say look at me and whose like me. Time the football authorities put a wage cap on young player. Same as any apprenticeship.

    4. You really sitting there blaming a nother person for greenwood actions no mate if anything like it says fame has gone to his head an he thinks he’s better than the average person an can take what he wants his career at united should be over an never to play football again he beat an raped an innocent women just because he wanted to have sex an she didn’t so like said he took it because he thinks it’s his right to do so

    5. Red Devil or whoever you are, I hope you know that Manchester United is not a boarding school and the coach is not a morals teacher. Maybe you can blame Mason’s parents and or the kind of friends he hangs out with.

    6. You utter moron … How can you blame OGS for the disgusting behaviour of Greenwood. People like you are the worst… And Giggs is no Angel. Ferguson just kept him hidden. I’m a life long United fan but you are an idiot. Blaming someone else for a despicable act is shocking…

    7. It’s because of people like you that abusers get away with abusing! No one is responsible for that man’s actions other than himself. Get a grip!! You’re the moron!!

    8. Not being funny, OLE can not be blame should these accusations turn true which at this point looks likely. It’s a personal choice to do these horrid things.

    9. Has absolutely nothing to do with Ole, Mason is a grown man well the age of one and makes his own decisions so no one is accountable for this apart from himself.

    10. Don’t be silly only crackhead is you how could ollie ever invisage events like this stop talking wet lad

  2. Ryan giggs shagged his brothers wife!! And is pending the outcome of an assault charge? Yeah great morals that!! You’re the moron. Go get a hobby

  3. You can’t blame Ole for this…It is down to the person himself how he wants to live his life outside football…

  4. Many reasons for these things happening . Young players years ago went in digs , swept the floors ,cleaned the changing rooms . All part of the discipline of an apprentice . Now these 17+ superstars earn obscene amounts of money ,their ego is often bigger than their talent ,but this comes with little respect for the people who got them there. Alex Ferguson said the most talented player at the club at one time was Ravel Morrison but he was a loose cannon whom he couldn’t control off the pitch . Greenwood has finished his promising career through his actions ,no club will touch him after this . He needs to face the consequences of whats coming to him .

  5. I’ll bring ole to this, as a manager you must be ruthless to youngsters for displinary messures. Ole was too soft to this boy, and as a result this is the concequencess of too much freedom to youngsters. Mason! What a quality 🥱

  6. I Have to agree with Red Devil.Ole being A Norwegian is also to blame for the war in Checenia ,Afghanistan ,and the Covid pandemic brought on by the governments liberal views.
    Don’t forget Ole has been Plotting this for years and also instigated SAFs retirement and the three succeeding managers so he together with Carrick and Fletcher could take over the running of the club in future..

    1. I’m with the FBI and we’ve been tapping Oles phone for decades and I can confirm this. Don’t forget he is also one of the people behind JFK killing as he saw the NBA, NFL and MLB started to rise in popularity. And at that time he was worried his paycheck was going to go down because of this.

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