(Audio) Mason Greenwood’s threatening behaviour uploaded to social media by girlfriend

Mason Greenwood finds himself in the middle of a domestic violence storm after being accused of beating his girlfriend Harriet Robson.

Throughout the morning, pictures and videos were put out on Harriet’s Instagram account showing all the bruising and cuts on her body with a caption stating: “To everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me.”

She also posted an audio clip in which Greenwood was being abusive with threatening behaviour.

The news has shocked Manchester United fans this morning. Moreover, the club has already issued a statement which clearly reads that they won’t condone domestic violence.

For a player who had such a bright future in front of him, now nobody has the slightest idea of what the future will hold for Greenwood but people are bound to think very differently about him.

He will need to give his side of the story, too, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a statement came at some point this evening because this story has blown up in the media.

You can seen a screen recording below containing the audio that was uploaded to Harriet’s Instagram (warning: some viewers may find this content distressing):

Shameful stuff.

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  1. He is scum for doing this. He might get a game for the prison team.
    What is she still doing with him after the first time this happened.
    Both are stupid

    1. She was probably terrified of him, you heard how aggressive he was on the audio. It was probably all she could do to muster up the courage to upload the evidence to social media.

    2. “What is she still doing with him after the first time this happened.”
      The most stupid comment. Read up on domestic violence a bit before typing this shit.

  2. If Mason is guilty of the allegations made against him then yes his career should quite rightly be over. But like everybody else he should be considered innocent until proven guilty. He will have to be suspended until this is resolved, similar to Mendy at City

    1. IF he is guilty?! Innocent until proven guilty? Did you listen to this horrific audio? Did you not see the pictures posted? The idiot is guilty. He’ll soon have his legs up in prison.

      1. The justice system in this country doesn’t work like that though. We’re simply working within the confines of the law. You aren’t tried by social media. You’re tried by a jury.

  3. Thinks he can get away with that.Big mistake.Now it’s his turn to be punished, love to see him locked up,it’s coming your way,you bastard.

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