Paul Scholes confident Premier League manager would do ‘special’ job at Manchester United

Paul Scholes has selected two managers who he would like Manchester United to bring in as Ralf Rangnick’s replacement this summer.

The former midfielder, who clearly became tired of watching the Reds under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, believes United should bring in either Antonio Conte or Mauricio Pochettino ahead of next season.

Conte was heavily linked with United before he took the job at Tottenham Hotspur, but nothing ever came of it, and it doesn’t feel like he will be the manager at Old Trafford anytime soon.

Scholes was speaking to the Webby & O’Neill YouTube channel about the manager’s situation.

Watch below:

“Conte and Pochettino, they’re the ones we want. Conte, we know he’s up there with [Pep] Guardiola, [Thomas] Tuchel and Jurgen Klopp,” Scholes said.

“You know what, I still think [Man Utd] could still get him from Tottenham. Tottenham fans probably won’t like me for saying that. But you can see Conte is already getting a little bit frustrated with his squad of players.

“I think he could do something special here, Conte. He’s got the pedigree to do it. Will we be able to get him? I don’t know.

“Pochettino – I think he’s a brilliant manager. I love what he’s done at Tottenham and at Southampton. PSG? We don’t know yet. Give him another year or this season to see if he can prove to be an elite manager.

“But because he hasn’t won anything of significance, and I think he won the French league and cup last year, he still has something to prove for me. I think he’s more than capable of doing it.”

Fact check: Pochettino won the French Cup last season, but PSG missed out on the Ligue 1 title.

This is the season for Pochettino to pick up his first title, with the Parisians 11 points clear after 20 games played.

Scholes went on to stress that he can’t get his head around Rangnick’s appointment as interim manager.

“Manchester United are the best. It’s the biggest and the best. Manchester United should have the best available in the most important roles — and the most important role is the manager of the football club. It has to be.

“We’ve gone to a man who is very well-regarded across Europe and Germany especially. The coaches like Klopp and Tuchel speak highly of him. But he hasn’t had that much success as a coach.

“He did a little bit in Germany — won promotion and did a little bit with Schalke. But he’s been asked to manage one of the best clubs in the world. It’s something I just can’t get my head around.

“They haven’t got [the best]. It should be one of the top five managers in the world. Tuchel, Guardiola and Klopp — they’re the top three. They’re unavailable, no chance you can get them.”

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SN’s verdict…

I’m sat on the same branch as Gary Neville as I don’t think Conte would be the right fit for United.

Following the 5-0 defeat to Liverpool in October, Neville suggested Conte was not the right man for the job despite Solskjaer coming under fierce pressure.

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  1. I am an ardent MU supporter from Durban, South Africa and why is it that we always lay the blame on the manager or coach? I think the accountability lies with the players themselves. I don`t think that they realise what a privelege and honor it is to don the red shirt of Man U. These players get paid exhorbent amounts of money yet the ones who pay to watch them are left frustrated. I totally agree with Roy Keane that none of the current squad are fit to don on the red jersey. If Keano was coach then he would really put an end to players egos. It truly is pain staking watching how far behind the likes of Liverpool and City we are…

  2. Only 11 of Manchester united players that are behaving well,McTomminy,Sancho,Jones, Fernandez,luke shaw, Victor Lidroff ,Telles ,Rashford, Veran,greenwood and Elanga
    Sometimes a player struggling but is respect coach and trying hard in training and whenever he get a chance is coming with winning mentality!!!

  3. The board is to blame for the poor results. There was no need to bring in Ronney, instead they could let go of Pogba and bring in Rice to balance the middle of the pack. I still appreciate and aplaud the work done by Ole. I salute Ole’s rebuild, we were heading somewhere but Ronaldo and Paul brought unrest in the dressing room. I rest my case.

  4. this failure that man United have now,is because of our manager and the return of Ronaldo,the time Ronaldo have not returned which is last season that there end in 2nd there performing well,but now that Ronaldo have returned there did not understand them self again, look at Bruno now before he use to play ball well but now because of Ronaldo if he collect ball he we look for Ronaldo to pass to,if he have chance to shoot he we not he we rather give Ronaldo,and Ronaldo is not like before again,he is not charging ball like that,and for our manager the lineup he is using is not that too good it is affecting us

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