Opinion: Manchester United’s prima donnas turn on Ralf Rangnick

Thirty seven days. The approximate length of time it has taken for Manchester United’s prima donnas to turn on their new interim manager and throw Ralf Rangnick under the proverbial bus. Even for this discombobulated, toxic and divided squad and its dressing room cliques, this is some going.

We may never know exactly what’s been going on behind the walls of the Carrington training complex, but – if the reports in the Mirror are true, it makes for grim – and depressingly familiar – reading. These reports have made me mad. They made me really mad. I’m so angry I had to write this to vent how I feel.

The un-named players (although we can gather a good idea of whom it may be) are said to be disappointed and underwhelmed by Rangnick’s methods, they don’t like the changes he’s made to their training methods and are struggling with his tactics. The same happened under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the end. The same happened under Jose Mourinho. And Louis van Gaal. And David Moyes. Spot the common denominator. These toxic, lazy, spoilt, babyish, self entitled, overpaid bluffers masquerading as players. Under Solskjaer – in the first couple of years at least – we had a group of lovely lads, a likeable young squad with a genuine connection to the fans. It’s not taken long for that all-for-one, one-for-all ethos to leave the building along with the now departed Norwegian. The fight, the desire, the passion for the club evaporated in just a few short weeks simply because the players are being asked to work harder, get fitter and press more.

I’ve never felt more distant from a United squad. Manchester United? More like Manchester, Dis-united. As for the constant leaks? Surely they must be coming from those players in the squad not getting game time.

One player apparently had “to Google him,” as per ESPN. I’ve got some news, precious prima donnas – I doubt he’s impressed with you either. He probably had to research to find out about most of you lot. If Rangnick didn’t know how big, and how very difficult, this job would be even for him, he certainly does now.

Manchester United made most of you lot relevant – as teenage tyro and activist Greta Thunberg once said: “How dare you.” How dare you. Who are you? Who do you think you are? I don’t care if you’re the best in the world or a third-choice U23 winger: if you don’t want to play for our club, get in the bin. Get out, don’t come back and mind the door when you leave. United’s players don’t feel Rangnick is “elite” enough. Only VIPs are allowed through their velvet rope, their little bubble, of getting them to do what they are paid millions to do. Something all of us would give our right arm for the chance to do. Run after a football for a living for the world’s most famous football club. A football club slowly eating itself. After a decade of failure, these players are simply not in a position to call the shots.

You would do well to remember what this club stands for and what the iconic Red badge means. People have literally died for it. Died for our club as they chased a dream to take an English club to a place it had never been before. The finest young side our country has ever seen lost their lives in the line of duty representing this club. Our club. Never forget that. And here’s you lot complaining over having to drive home in the dark because the manager changed when training is. These players should be ashamed of themselves and take a long hard look in the mirror. Rangnick needs to be ruthless and get rid of anyone who doesn’t want to be here regardless of talent, influence and stature.

Playing for this club should be a privilege – the biggest honour of a professional player’s career. It shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t be something you don’t really fancy. It’s as if they know Rangnick will be gone in the summer anyway so let’s not bother. I can see what the German tactician is trying to do, how he wants us to play, but the players evidently don’t have the aptitude or the ability to carry it out. They don’t want to even try and adapt. Disgraceful and an embarrassment to this club’s great name. Imagine if you did the same in your regular job. You’d be out on your ear in no time.

I’d rather have eleven Phil Jones’s than these pompous, self entitled so called world class charlatans. Not the best, perhaps, in terms of talent but at least players like Jones fight for the badge, give their all and know what this club means. As the old adage says: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Supporting this club is exhausting. If it’s not the on-field drama, its the constant off-the-field dressing room shenanigans. The rumours, the unrest behind the scenes. The analysis and the over-analysis. The constant anxiety. All played out in public in front of the world. It’s emotionally draining. Maybe this mob should try supporting instead of playing then they would know how we feel.

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  1. Really good, well written article. Get these players out of my club! Play the hungry young lads and sell the me me me charlatans.

  2. That is an excellent report right to the hart of the matter.
    the only way to sort this out is to try and sell the main culprits.
    Divide and conquer!!

  3. Personally I think it was a big mistake to bring back Ronaldo (and ultimately the final nail in the coffin for Ole). For the last few years each time it was mooted it didn’t seem to be a sensible idea and I was pleased it never happened as regardless of his goals as the team has to be built around him and that was not the direction we were trying to go in. He’s just not a good fit for our project and his presence has negatively affected a number of previously very promising players. Cavani was / is a better fit for nurturing and improving the talented youngsters. Greenwood is an amazing talent and we know Sancho has the ability. Not sure what’s going on with Rashford but his form has never justified the salary he gets. Hype over function?

    At the time (and obviously even more so with hindsight) it was a mistake to pay anything like £80m for Maguire and it is an ongoing mistake to keep playing him when his form is constantly so poor, let alone have him as captain. He’s really rather dire! From those we have available maybe Jones and Varane should get a few games together if they can stay fit. DDG is decent but wish he was more proactively vocal and assertive with his defence, that’s one trait I liked about Henderson.

    It was a massive mistake not to pick up a quality DM for the last year or two. I can’t understand why this didn’t happen. It didn’t have to be the perfect DM, just a good one and there are a few about.

    With our RB options how can we not be in for Trippier at £12m!?

    It’s a bit of a mess isn’t it? To have any chance of some repairs I feel we have to move Ronaldo on before it’s too late (if possible), drop Maguire long term (I’m not sure anyone would actually buy him!) and pick up a decent DM.

    Maybe give Jesse and VDB some proper game time for once too? I’m not saying they’re the answer but seems only fair to give them a proper go under the circumstances.

    Also on the got to go list is Pogba – attitude is poor, performances are generally poor, agent is shocking. Ditto Martial though at least his agent is less offensive.

    1. You say Greenwood is an amazing talent, when are we going to actually see this talent even on a semi regular basis. All I see is a lazy, moody and a could not care less member of the team. Jesse should play before him every game

      1. I thought it was starting to show before Ronnie came back. Really feel that has upset the entire front half of the team (plus more behind the scenes maybe). Everyone has their own opinions though and that’s just mine 🙂 The frustrating times go on.

        I’d give Jessie some game time based partly on current players not performing and partly based on his effectiveness (initially anyway) at West Ham. Prior to that loan he was pretty poor for us too.

        Feels like whoever plays it’s going to be the same story / performance, and even if one has a decent game the rest can’t match it. What is the real root problem? Whilst we were not great last season it feels like something has gone much more awry now. The alleged cliques in the dressing room does not bode at all well.

  4. Spot on, sick and tired of these players. As fans, we need to really start putting them under pressure on match day. Enough is enough. This manager has proper pedigree and has been nothing but sensible and decent in his interviews and press conferences.

  5. When i heard the CR7 was returning i got the feeling of the little school boy who would watch him score goals. His return was amazing i was happy to see the goal hungry player but after Newcastle Debut not just him but the whole team has seemed to lack in any composure for winning.. players are left on and off the bench and i dont see where this team is going to be title contenders in the future. I have grown up watching United be the best team in the league for a long time and no one could handle their talent. but since 2014 after Ferguson had left, the team has lost the will to survive and im still surprised they have not been relegated to second division.. The Manager can only do much.. Its the responsibility of the players to make things work. Something must be done before it gets really bad for the club.

  6. Brilliant piece and absolutely spot on….my dad use to take us to Old Trafford, Villa Park, The Hawthorns, St Andrews mostly during the early 80’s and was use to watching a mediocre Man Utd for 10 years until Sir Alex rode down from Scotland, yet endured half a century to finally get things right and unlock and awaken the sleeping giant that is Manchester United. He then spent 26 years winning, or being very close to winning major honours every year. This was achieved through him being and becoming one of the greatest managers ever to grace the game, but it was based on hard work and discipline, something that this current squad do not possess and as the Jamie writes here, I am also curious with then majority of these spoilt divas 😡😡😡😡 Apparently 11 – 17 players want to leave. I say let them all go. Good bye. Thanks for nothing. And Paul Pogba is the anthesis of this. Sir Alex definitely has that one right, as usual!!
    I’d honestly get rid of the vast majority. Keep De Gea, Donny, Bruno, Shaw, Lindelöf, Lingard, Rashford, Sancho, get Greenwood as CF and bring in Amad, Hannibal, Laird, Menghi etc and one or two high quality players to compliment and want to play for Man Utd. No massive contracts…..Jamie is spot on again. Supporting Man Utd has become absolutely exhausting and in these crazy, uncertain times we must remind ourselves that it is only a game 😬😬😬😬 KEEP BELIEVING GUYS. WE WILL BE BACK AND HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE SOONER THAN IT SEEMS AT THE MOMENT ✊✊✌️✌️

  7. “Greenwood is an amazing talent”
    If he learned to pass to players in better positions, a basic requirement of even average players, Ronaldo for one, would have doubled his goal tally. Greenwood seems to take the field with the intention of scoring goal of the season, in every game, when he should be contributing a lot more as a team player. it is a team game, after all.

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