Rashford becomes first Man Utd player to speak on Solskjaer’s sacking

Marcus Rashford has become the first Manchester United player to react to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s departure from the club. The Norwegian manager was sacked earlier on Sunday following a disastrous run of form.

In an official statement made by the club on Sunday, Manchester United confirmed that Solskjaer had left his post as the club’s manager with immediate effect.

Gary Neville was one of the first public figures to react to the news on social media as the former Manchester United captain thanked Solskjaer for his work over his three-year spell. Solskjaer initially took over on an interim basis in 2018 but was given the permanent gig later that season.

Now, Rashford has become the first player to react to the news. The 24-year-old posted a heartfelt message on Twitter with a simple caption and heart-emoji: “Club legend”.

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SN’s verdict on the reaction to Solskjaer’s sacking…
Rashford’s message certainly won’t be the last of the day. Solskjaer maintains a brilliant relationship with large sections of the Manchester United dressing room, which is a testament to his fine man-management skills.

Rashford endured a tough period at the club prior to Solskjaer’s introduction. Jose Mourinho faced criticism for his management of Rashford, something Solskjaer has never struggled with.

Furthermore, Solskjaer developed Rashford as a player. In the two full campaigns under the Norwegian, Rashford has scored 20 or more goals in both seasons.

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    1. Yeah this great an management thing is a myth. Can’t be a great man manager when you favour some and neglect others. Then you’re the same as Jose who favoured Fellani and neglected Pogba.

  1. Its amazing how people can turn on a manager so quick. Kloop from Liverpool was begging the fans to stay and support their team and still didn’t win the league in his first 3 years. Ole should have been given more time to fix the problems. the players let him down

    1. You can not compare Ole with Klopp. Klopp won many trophies as a manager with Borssia Dortmund and now Liverpool. He transformed these clubs into winning clubs. What is Ole achieved, he was a good player but as a manager he has not done anything, he managed Cardiff to relegation and manged Molde which is not an important club and now he is leaving with £7.5m. It is not just the manger but there are players who should not be playing for Man Utd. If a manager has no strategy and does not know what he is doing. the club will be doomed. He bought Van Dee Beek and Sanho to sit on the bench.

      1. Klopp lost 4 finals in a row at Borrusia and only won 2 trophies which is about the same amount Ole won at Molde

        1. I don’t you really know what you are talking about,how can compare sleep and death,Kloop is 100% better than Ole

    2. This person here I don’t think is a United fan, even the players were against his tactics… So brother man what are u talking about 🔫🔫🔫

    3. More time. So the team can go to relegation. Thanks. Not even a second more. Ole should never have been coach for an elite club like United. No tactic, no strategy, just send the noys to pich Nd sit down liked a wueen as they destroy fans’ passion. No way.

  2. Solskjaer did not disappoint Manchester united, the disappointment came from the players entirely and I am so disappointed in sacking Ole gunnar Solskjaer. Miss you ole

    1. I feel that Ole is a victim of fanciful people who bask in result, glory and trophy. Just 12 games into the league competition and people foretell doomsday. Such feeble minds and not really the true supporters or board. I have followed this club theperiods before and after SAF (by the way did not have a great beginning too. He was almost sacked). SAF took some time to build / rebuild MU. Ole deserves some time too.

    2. I am in agreement with your comment. Ronaldo was a huge contributor to Ole’s dismissal but of course the club is delighted cos the merchandise sales register had been busy since he rejoined MU. Moreover, I think the new signings are still adapting to the system and you cannot expect instant results.

  3. I wish that they will let ole to taking united in to religation, becouse I don’t know other united board are blind for not seeind how team tactics going on, in my view ole deverve to be sack since livepool game, I said to my self, I’m united fan we win or lose that never charge me, I’m not a united owner fan or Ronaldo, pogba bruno rasford, Am only red fans if you can play I like if you choice to go don’t let the door hit at you..??

  4. OGS much vaunted man management skills is nothing more than a manager allowing the employees to do what they want. This is evident in the players on field behaviors I.e. no regard for coach or consequences..
    Many of the players have become more spoilt and lazy because of OGS
    OGS is nothing more than a feel good factor and the team and the players have been found out..
    Great players in his day , no use as a manager.

    1. i agree u can have the best coach in the world bt if ur players cant perform well then remember if u are selected to play for a club tht means u shud perform as the best weather u a ronaldo or a wanbiska point is its not the manager playing its the players so bring whoever u want to manage dusnt make a difference u cant cut off your nose to spite ur face and as for liverpool fans u shud hope they keep playing like tht because not to long ago u forgot what it was like being on top do pray united keeps playing like tht because if they rise u to would wanne fire ur manager aswell 🙊😂

  5. Solskjaer never knew how to manage players. He did not know how to play to their strengths. That’s why players who left flourished where they went and those who remained languished at the club. Look at Lukaku, Ashley Young and Sanchez at Inter Milan and Lingard at West Ham. Look at Van de Beek, Telles, Bailly and Mata at Old Trafford.

    1. You’re right.Why put in millions to get players only to languish on the bench not once but many times. Not only he but his other 2 assistants on the field are more to be blamed. They should have given him good advice or if not they had given him terribly wrong ones.

  6. Brother just keep quiet 🤫 because you don’t know what you’re talking, how can you bring racist to what is happening to Manchester united. If you don’t have something tangible to say kindly go and sleep inside the toilet 🚽 bro

  7. Ole didn’t know the strength of his players. Some players fits into tactics of other games but he was unable to differentiate between that, for example when you’re playing against team like Liverpool, you don’t need Greenwood in the field, you need players like Lingard who can run and press for the entire 90 minutes. Benching a player like Bruno doesn’t mean that you’re saying Bruno is not good enough, he is tired and he is a human being and he needs some rest. Take useless Maguire out of the first eleven because he is overrated and out of form. Play Van De Beek, that boy is a machine and his vision and passes are out of this world.

  8. The time I know that ole gunner sodjker was an idiop was when he started playing Ronaldo as top 9. While Cavani will be sitting at bench. Let him go and look for small club to manage. Not .

  9. Ole sat in the Bleachers every game. No animation no running up and down the touchline urging his players on. Great managers like Sir Alex, Pep. Klopp Tuchel prowl the touchline throughout the game urging their team on. Ole was a great servant for United but no good as a manager.

  10. Let’s all be sober, here, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool fans who are against Oles sacking now knows, they have lost valuable points home and away from. UNITED. HEHEHE. No. More free points Ole bye-bye

  11. Players are the problem nowdays. If they dont want to play they wont. Spoilt brats. Wish roy was still captain they wouldnt be allowed to go to vidal sassoon when there form was shite. The players were a disgrace under ole and should have a good look in the mirror unless theres no room cause they are looking at their hair . Disgrace. Send there pay to charity

  12. I respect Ole as a manager. He seldom loses his cool. He has excellent people mgmt skill. The problems that Ole faces are the players and the compensation structure. The players’ individual skills shouldn’t be losing matches with big margin. Also, the salary structure creates division in the team. The next mgr must take drastic steps to addr these problems.

  13. After three years and not even a carabao cup, no FA cut, just nothing to show for his leadership.
    Which player was he really managing well? Worse of it all, he got big time players like Cavani and Ronaldo whom he couldn’t manage. Benching Cavani and starting Ronaldo as top 9 is quite abysmal.
    Well, the management has done the right thing, who would they bring in?
    A coach like Zidane is a good manager of players. He can achieve much with this crop of players.

  14. Why gave Ole extended 3 yrs contract?.He must be a good manager.isnt it.. No silverware but look which team sit 3rd spot PL 2019/2020..im proud

  15. MU needs to look at their defence line. When I used to watch their play, it was as if there were no players at this point. Messlessly porous for any highly rated club in the entire world. If OGS was confused, the defence line has been worst than him.

  16. Man united needs to get an experienced coach with background of managing a big club and an array of stars

  17. Man united needs to get an experienced coach with background of managing a big club and an array of stars,Ole did his bit and now another chapter begins

  18. Ya it’s sad that Oli couldn’t do what we as MU fans expected, because I personally loved him since his playing days and that won’t change. I think we all know most of our supper stars @ the club has attitudes and u could even see it on the field. Also these stars was not performing bt was the first to show frustration when we lost. So as much as we think Oli let us down we should point fingers @ these big names with huge price tags, that simply don’t show up on big game days.

  19. Since everyone is down on Ole that he’s the problem and not the players that is even a tasks to complete and didn’t perform to the best of their abilities. Ole left now so let us see if Ole was the Issue or its the players who getting opportunities and not making use of it 🤔 let’s see

  20. A bunch of useless players who couldn’t take instructions from the Manager, Ole became an average manager because of the players because he was strict enough and he favoured lazy ones.

  21. Victor Lindelöf is main problem in United’s defense… Ole blue eyed boy…
    Get rid of Lindelöf because every cup semifinal last year we lost through him.
    He is weak link…He should go with Ole

  22. No ole was useless should have never been a Manchester United manager
    Glad he as gone
    He was a shit manager.

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