Bruno Fernandes and David de Gea break silence over Solskjaer sacking

Bruno Fernandes and David de Gea have taken to social media after Manchester United decided to sack manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Spanish goalkeeper was vocal in his post-match interview after United lost 4-1 to Watford on Saturday, hitting out at his team-mates’ performances after another shocking display, which ultimately cost the manager his job.

He had a point, it was nowhere near good enough from our players — but the writing has been on the wall for Solskjaer ever since we got hammered 5-0 by Liverpool at Old Trafford.

De Gea broke his silence on Twitter following the sacking, writing: “You always gave everything and everyone knows you are a legend at @ManUtd.”

Maybe De Gea’s frustration stems from knowing that everyone was aware of the pressure Solskjaer was under.

The board should have called time on the Norwegian’s reign during the international break, but to let him fall in such a manner was extremely disappointing.

Bruno Fernandes also took to Instagram to share his thoughts.

The midfielder captioned a picture on Instagram with: “Like I said yesterday we all are to blame for the situation we are in and considering everything you’ve done for me a thank you will never be enough.

“But I’m very grateful for you believing in me and for giving me the chance to represent this club.”


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De Gea and Fernandes both seem like supporters of Ole… off the pitch, anyway.

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  1. The root cause of the team’s current form and OLE’s dismissal is Ronaldo. He’s experiencing a slide in his level of performance and finds in OLE a ready fall guy.

    1. Ole lied about people he needs in his plan. Ole lied about improving every next game. Ole just don’t have the clue technically as well as managing his resources given to him.

      David and Bruno are both hipocrite. They pretend to support Ole, but they are responsible to put Ole under the bus with their stupid performance. David let 3 goals from same angle in. Bruno purposely miss the shot on target that VDB left for him to shoot. Harry purposely get his 2nd yellow card to kill the game. No team captain would do that.

  2. Hi I’m Kenneth from South Africa, I believe
    like Alex was given a second chance and won amazing titles, Ole deserves a second chance.

    1. I also think Ole has made a huge difference since Sir Alex left and would of been able to turn this team around. He will always be a Man United Legend.

  3. Cant blame one player..Ole style of football is not good ..he was using Jose style ..united need speed at the back ..wr must play attacking football..players are not in their correct positions..he is saving players for world cup..bad

  4. OLE love to play 4-2-3-1
    That a waste formation if look at the current team Man U have. To be frank best way to defend is to attack till the final whistle.
    The formation should be
    4-4-2 diamond

  5. Im terrified about ole solskjaer sack. I dont think its fair i think you should give the guy a chance until the season is over. I mean he is a legend. It will be so heartsore to see him go💔

    1. I doubt if you are a Manchester United fan, how can you say that Ole to remain in the club till the end of the season how do you expect him to perform well knowing fully well that he is not capable for the club. first, his pattern of football is very bad, his formation is very bad and I don’t think he deserves a second chance. He should have been sacked earlier ago, he has been given enough time to prove himself which he could not and he has not won any title in the club.

      1. OGS was no doubt to became one of the club legend as a player and manager too. His heart and soul belong to united. He gave everything since his first day. A very sad moment upon his sacking day. Wishes him all the best and hopefully one day he’ll back…thank Ole

  6. All you guys don’t know what you’ll talking about…..firstly is Ole playing on the field….did Ole get red card for stupid tackle…did Ole miss all those chances to score….open goals…..cum on people grow up and see the real picture

    1. Nosham you are correct but what has he as the “manager” done about it, our recent sdefeats are horrendous, our defending is horrendous, it is his team selection, his substitutions, his coaching staff, he could not manage any of that, he has no identity to his game and no authority, we don’t want to be fighting a religion battle… If we had someone like Pep or Klopp this team will be on top of the log and why, because he does not have it in him. Ole is a joke.

    2. Guys we speak about Ole being sacked how many managers where sack recently managers that won trophies Jose was sacked b4 Ole he didn’t get a second but he won something atleast come on guys facts we should competing for trophies not 4th place Eric baily is his best defender but he’s not British so he must play 3rd fiddle that’s one of his down falls favouritetism

  7. Legends don’t do that, if truly speaking if OLE was a legend, he would have resigned long time ago when he was beaten 6 – 2 by totenham last season, for now he’s spoiled everything

  8. I think the whole United board is to be blamed for the current state of the club.They should have invested more into their Coaches/Manager over the years when Sir Alex Ferguson were still manager and made sure that they learned from him and that way would have made sure that they have back up should these kind of things happen when a manager is sack.Furthermore I think Ole needsed the guidance of A Sir Alex who United could have made Director of Soccer at the Club and that could have given Ole the mentorship that I think was needed for Ole to guide him.Remember this was a huge challenge taking on this job knowing that he have’nt manage a big club like United or even have that experience and the board knew that at the time they appointed him.You can’t plant a seed and expect it to grow on its own without giving it the necessary nurturing it require to produce the fruit you want it to produce.I am now not talking about freeing up cash to buy players I am talking about guidance and support in a way that would keep you manager focused and motivated.But it is what it is and can’t be undone but could be considered to correct the past mistakes by the Board.That is my 2 cents.

  9. Ole may have guffed. But he brought back our self belief. That he was lacking in his tactical approach was there for everyone to see. But hate him or love him he tried though it was not good enough. Manchester united is a Titanic which needs a an experienced leader

  10. You cannot be soft with professional players and want to shunt some players. Ole was given the best players he wanted and clearly he did not know what to do with the best players he was given. Ole was way out of his depth with united. Sir Alex built up a team with young talent, Ole bought talent. That is the difference. I never believed Ole was a good manager.

  11. Guys we speak about Ole being sacked how many managers where sack recently managers that won trophies Jose was sacked b4 Ole he didn’t get a second but he won something atleast come on guys facts we should competing for trophies not 4th place Eric baily is his best defender but he’s not British so he must play 3rd fiddle that’s one of his down falls favouritetism

  12. My name is Blessing I’m from Malawi, currently I’m living in South Africa. We as supporters we really fill the pain that our team is in right now. I think the whole tactical team is to blame for poor performance. I remember when Ole joined the team, it was in a bad shape after Joseph. This current issues that the team is experiencing, from players to the main board must take the blame. I lost interest in watching my team when they are playing because I know the outcome after the end of the game will upset me. Imagine you watching your team playing and you are with your opposition next to you pressing your shoulders after their team score.

  13. I couldn’t see players training vigorously and that was the major problem even during tournaments he would be seen nailed to his seat instead of commanding. That alone is a demotivating factor

  14. Sad to see him go, equally sad to realise that he never knew his first eleven and string out play consistency out of them. Incompetency showed with players played out of position, nativity in making substitutions, benching world class players such as Sancho, van de Beek after such expenditure, Lingard recalled to be benched from the Hammers. The list is endless against Ole and he seemed unrepentent from his glaring mistakes because he thought Woodward would save him to change what right? We reached a point of no return especially with the misery of heavy losses against formidable opponents, revealing our dismal class. Firing him, was long time coming, except for the timing and the manner it was done. Board also shows a lack of strategy in succession planning, player contracts etc. Surely Alex was shrewd in his dealings, why wasn’t this continued with?

  15. I think the players are to be blame as well, you can’t blame a coach for a player or players mistake come on people. His formation might be wrong yes but players get chance on top of chances an miss them so basically what you’ll are saying is that Ole cause cr7 buno Rashford to miss the goals or chances they got or did Ole tell Harry to be stupid an take a red card, he’s the captain captain must lead. The captain is the one that u turn to when u need uplifting so Ole is not to be blame for players mistakes and if you all play the sport you would or will understand. I play football so I know what its like and I was a captain too so u can’t blame the coach he’s not the one who’s is playing if the coach give u a tasks you need to fulfill it, its just like a job your Boss give you tasks to complete to keep or your job or get an promotion what are you going to do. Do it to ur best right so don’t blame the coach and secondly you’ll need to remember when man u was at the bottom of the table he put us back to second place…….

  16. I think one way or the other we all get second chances,,,not necessarily in the same place but perhaps in the same field of work. Ole managed the team as best as he saw fit and I’m personally grateful,,,now his time at ManU is done and I believe a new season of events is staged out for him. Wishing him well.

  17. It is the board to be blamed, Ole shld not be appointed as manager in the first place, how could a board appointed a manager without credential and experience to manage a club as big as Man United.

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