Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has said his goodbyes to staff and players following Watford defeat

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been left fighting for his job in charge of Manchester United and has now reportedly said his goodbyes to his staff and players following Saturday afternoon’s horrific defeat to Watford.

Not long after the full-time whistle at Vicarage Road, reports of an emergency meeting emerged, with Solskjaer’s future at the club said to be on the agenda. Furthermore, attempts to persuade Zinedine Zidane into a Premier League switch are thought to have been accelerated.

Claims that Solskjaer was under threat of being sacked were later backed up by journalist and transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano, who described the prospect of the Norwegian being relieved of his duties as a ‘real possibility’.

Now, in the clearest indication yet that a managerial change is imminent, The Sun are reporting that Solskjaer has already said his goodbyes to his staff and players after the loss to Watford.

Furthermore, it’s claimed that Solskjaer has managed for the final time and is set to be sacked by club officials within the next 48 hours.

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SN’s verdict on potential replacements…
Since the 5-0 defeat to Liverpool last month, there have been conflicting reports over potential replacements for Solskjaer but it remains to be seen if the club decides to appoint an interim manager, as they did in 2018 when Jose Mourinho was sacked.

In the Old Trafford hierarchy’s defence, they are not blessed with obvious alternatives and most of the top-tier managers are already in a job.

Zidane has been touted as a possible successor to Solskjaer but questions remain over his longevity, having only managed Real Madrid in the past.

Brendan Rodgers is under contract with Leicester, where he is currently enduring a tough third season.

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  1. Fuck Neville, you’re such a jerk pussy ass nigga. Fuck ole fuck Glazers, if they sack ole now they’re stupid not only stupid but pathetic fools because this is what they should’ve done earlier before now but they remained adamant and strong behind him so now it’s our turn to pay them back for all the pains they have caused us so Manchester united fans, l becall on us all to stop patronizing these jerks for all they care for is our money and not our happy because if we continue to patronize them, they’ll continue using us as instrument of enriching themselves. Even if they sack Solskjaer or not let’s not patronize them so that they will see how it feels to loose money and support because we can’t continue to work our butts out and pay for their tickets and still get shame in return.

    1. You idiot. fans are not going to stop patronising the Glazers. We all know what a bunch of highway robbers they are but who gives a shit as long as win trophys.

    2. Sure, Ole is more than a donkey in Manchester United. He definitely has come to damage the efforts of Manchester United despite the glories that the team (in which he has played for) has made. He is behaving as if he is a nonentity in football. If he is favoured for a long time then Manchester United should forget about silverware for now. It’s clear that the Manchester United Board is only going for money and not pride and awards. Shame on them.

      1. Fuck the Glazers,they are only interested in Fans money 💷,they don’t care about the team,OLE should have been sacked longtime ago,now where will they get a coach because I don’t see any,Antonio Conte was available but these idiots didn’t put any effort to bring him in

  2. Manchester utd is now the joke of All football lovers. Owners of utd should not waste time to sack ole now and now.

  3. I support u Christian so shall it be we must stop supporting this foolish daft glazers & d so called useless legends

    1. It’s glazers who should leave man utd. Glazers are rubbish betters, they are gamblers, don’t care abt the history of British football and the history of man utd. Further manager also should have a role to Play in board. Not a yes man. Now man utd looks like a 3rd di ision team.

  4. It is time to get OGS out of man utd as manager and appoint a strong manager who can make a different this season.

    1. but this board look like blind people,how can they talk about Brenden Rodgers who was unable to manage leister city it self,they wasted time when Antonio was avaible

    2. man u is a piss poor team. Too many expensive duds. Now you have no control of refs any more , no easy offsides, penalties, free kicks.
      Reboot time in the championship!

  5. I think it’s right time for all these nonsense/shame to stop. With all these great players that we,we are not supposed to be humiliated by a small team like Watford.

  6. It s a pity when one wat has every team how they fight for the ball whereas ours are like a bunch of softies.besides the coach and his staff should be replaced by a discipline one.i think we need about 7 new faces to replace especially a strong midfield

  7. Pls let it be that that man called ole will not be in that seat until Tuesday,this glazer family are not interested in football again rather they are interested in making money.

  8. This result should have open thier(Glazers) eye by now, ole might be trying but lack excellent spirit, we need success not struggling in vain.

  9. OGS brought his down fall. In your next job never you play with preferred players blocking your ears to the public. See what shame mcquire brought to you today. Your best defender had been Bailey but you hated him with passion not to talk about Linguard and others. Doubt if you have learned your lessons

  10. I dnt thnk man utd is stil a team bcoz d dnt luk lyk one,hw cn a mear watford humiliate me(man utd) wit such an embarrasing score, so help me nd tel the glazers dat ogs shuld nt b der til d nxt game.do al u cn to brng in zidane tnkz

  11. Am sick n tired seing a bunch of lazy lads in the name of manu players n an elementary school manager who cant read the game n take bold decisions.

  12. I’ll be very suprise to see Ole and his coaching staffs last today.. we have been hurt so much especially now Chelsea is hot

    Ole Gunner does not have the FACE of winning any trophy for manchester united.
    His rift with key players like Lingard and Mata,who could help him build a better midfield;is taking a heavy toll on him with poor results.
    He has lost the dressing room,he has lost the fan base, if he travels to Spain with this team to face Villareal in the UEFA Champions League,they will lose;and then Manchester United will have nothing to play for this season.In addition they will not play Champions League and UROPA League next season because they won’t finish top 6 this season with the current managewent.
    The best any Manchester United loving fan could do now is to pray for a M4RACLE;either by a swift decision by the Man Utd. board, or by Divine intervention.

  14. Sure, Ole is more than a donkey in Manchester United. He definitely has come to damage the efforts of Manchester United despite the glories that the team (in which he has played for) has made. He is behaving as if he is a nonentity in football. If he is favoured for a long time then Manchester United should forget about silverware for now. It’s clear that the Manchester United Board is only going for money and not pride and awards. Shame on them.

  15. Man United Bosses have a hand in this condition ,especially Ed Woodward .There is no denying the fact that Ole and a major chunk of the coaching staff need to go.The team has talent but no.efficient manager and coaches to channel it into a winning combination.They need a good manager with real brains ,man management capabilities and a no nonsense man who like Fergusson, should be able to tell firmly to any player that he doesn’t stay if he doesn’t fall in line .

    One way of making this team look back and gain glory by playing well is to withdraw support for them to make them economically suffer so that these Glazers take the right steps at the right time so as not to lose their money and make the team succeed .

    Find no rhyme or reason why players like maguire still served the team and that too as captain. Its a shame on such a legendary team

  16. To me Ole is a good coach but it looks like the conditions around him does not guarantee him to make strong decisions about who is to play and who is to sit on the bench. I guess he will succeed any where else but not from man utd. He came in and built a very good team but surprisingly the very players he brought in are again the ones turning their back on him. I blame the players not the coach. Players have failed to do what they were brought in to do. When Ole goes most of them might follow the same exit door soon or later because some are even sub standard. I wish Ole success in his managerial career. You will succeed as a manager but not from utd. Leave utd and prove your self some where then they will again begin linking you with utd job in future.

  17. I can’t say anything coze its painful, u see up to dis time you v failed to get aresul sorry ole and for me the blame is going to de players almost a half of the squad.

  18. Seriously, after watching the game Vs Watford, I am embarrassed to identify myself as a Man U fan. Goodbye OGS, he is a nice guy but totally lacks the tactical abilities of other elite managers like Klopp and Pep. Even Tuchel is showing his quality with Chelsea’s CL win last season and being league leaders this season. And for the players, get rid of Maguire, his role in defence is shambolic and ludicrous. Watch how he defended against Liverpool’s attacking trio, this dude is no longer in his prime. They brought in Ronaldo but he doesn’t press, he doesn’t support the weak midfield, and expects the whole team to revolve around him. And when they don’t he gets frustrated and takes it out on the opponents. Fernandes has been off form this season, maybe he sees Ronaldo as his main goalscoring rival? Or he expects Ronaldo to single-handedly save the team in every game? Play VDB more FFS, you could see how much life and talent he brought when he came onto the field against Watford. Pogba, McFred, Sancho? All flops and overrated. Man U should sell them off a.s.a.p. to regain the exorbitant fees paid to acquire their services.

  19. Don’t bring Zidane either. Let Man U stay with a caretaker coach until they get a real manager. These so called Club legends are clueless when it comes to strategy. You could tell Ole was blank and often consulting Carrick who is hardly two seasons out of active playing.

  20. I think Paul Scholes should be d next manager to b appointed, at least on interim level..

    That dude has been on d assess of every single manager dat has managed utd since after Fergie…
    I’ll love to see what he brings to d table🤸

  21. The coach isn’t the problem. We have tried many coaches with no result. Even Zidane that most of clamour for cannot succeed with these players. If you doubt this, just mark mark my post here. The hidden truth is, lot of our players are just so lazy. Imagine Watford humiliated us with average players. Is there any club Watfor had won this season with such goals? Much more should be expected from Chelsea.

  22. Can’t blame the manager for players being useless on the field. Sack the players and their fat salaries and get people who have a passion for soccer. Players don’t care as long as they get their fat salaries.

  23. A combined imbosil both players and the coaching staff….removing OGS and remaining with those crippled players isn’t a solution especially the so called captain… nonsense.

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