Avram Glazer shows how little he knows about United with incorrect Ronaldo fact

The Glazers try claim they love Manchester United – the football club – when all they really care about is the money it makes their family every year.

We have long documented the Glazer’s shortcomings in opening a dialogue with supporters, their sheer greed, and how their corrupt takeover in 2005 shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.

The fans have been ignored but we are not going to let this one slip as Avram Glazer showed how little he knows about United’s incredible history when he gave a *motivational* speech to the Tulane University football team in America.

“Cristiano Ronaldo joined us when he was 16 years old – from the day he joined Manchester United, he was the first person at practice and the last person to leave practice,” Avram said.

“Great athletes are not just born great, but they have to work extra hard and they try their best, you have to be as focused as possible and try to achieve what you can achieve.”

Stretty News ran a quick fact check on the above statement to find Ronaldo actually joined United when he was 18-years-old. He was still playing in Sporting Lisbon’s academy at 16.

Talk about embarrassing.

If you could ask Avram Glazer one question, what would it be? Let us know in the comments section.

How about tell us what the Glazers did with the Ronaldo money in 2009 when a then-record-breaking transfer saw him leave United for Real Madrid?

The Glazers never answered that question nor a thousand others.

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  1. Dunno why You are giving this dope airtime. It’s Clear nobody running the club has a clue about the club or how to run a club football wise. They are servants of the buck, money is all the seek, all they care about. They NEED a CEO or a real DOF to run the football side of the club. The Glaser’s know nothing or care a jot about the club as long as it’s making money.

  2. Just what do you do with all of the money you steal from the club on a yearly basis? Do you really need anymore? If you really do care or love the club would you not think it better investing into the club rather than you and your grubby family hoarding money from it?

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