Ed Woodward in talks to stay at Manchester United under new role

After we all thought Ed Woodward was gone for good at the end of the year, there’s now reports saying he is in talks about a new role at Manchester United.

A ‘consultancy role’…

The highly-criticised Manchester United vice-chairman was set to depart the club pretty soon but the Daily Mail claims he is in discussions with the club to keep some sort of influence in a consultancy-type role once he leaves his current post.

Just like a bad smell, there’s no getting rid of Woodward. It shows the amount of faith the Glazers have him in and that is every reason why fans should oppose to this move (not that it will make any difference).

Woodward took over his current role in 2013 following the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and departure of David Gill. Since then, he has played a major role in employing four different managers, without a single Premier League title to show for it.

Investment bankers aren’t usually mistaken for football people but the Glazers wouldn’t know a football if one slapped them in the face.

This is also a man who played a key role in the Glazer’s debt-ridden buyout in 2005. Someone who can’t be trusted.

SN’s verdict…

This will leave a sour taste in the mouth, yet it remains to be seen how much of a difference this actually makes in the running of the club.

Richard Arnold isn’t a popular figure among fans either and the Glazers are only going to replace Woodward with someone of the same ilk.

Ultimately, I want the Glazers out of the club. Woodward definitely doesn’t have a place here.

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  1. The Glazers are a shrewd & cunning lot who seem to have mastered the art of pursuing their ruinous management style while feeding off the supporters’ general sentimentality & nostalgia by dropping populist decisions that’ll temporarily pacify the supporters, create some hype & divert attention from themselves & key issues.The appointment of Ole & the hurried extention of his contract, the rather unnecessary re-signing of the cult hero CR7 (a club legend with all due respect but I still maintain re-signing him wasn’t a great footballing decision but more of a commercial one meant to benefit the Glazers), the appointment of under qualified Man U legends to key positions in more of PR stunts under the guise preserving the ‘United Way’ are examples of such populist moves that have hurt the club & continue doing so in the long run. They have little to do with a genuine love for the club but just populist gestures underpinned by the ultimate desire to fatten their pockets & prolong their control of the club. Man U fans should stop being hoodwinked, awake from their slumber & face reality. It was very clear after a yr or so in his tenure that Ole didn’t have the capacity to take the team to the next level & pointing this out was like religious sacrilege.The Glazers’ antics had gotten most fans drunk beyond reason. Who would notice the glaring weaknesses in Ole & his poor tactical nous under such circumstances? Noone of course.I manager in the post Fergie era has divided the fans more than Ole & the Glazers undoubtedly love it that way. No wonder why they are reluctant to pull the trigger when it’s glaringly obvious that he can’t take the team anywhere else other than backwards. I can bet you, this Woodward unpopular re-assignment will be accompanied by yet another populist decision designed to get fans excited once again.mark my words.same old story.Cry our beloved Man Utd…..

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