Star duo met by empty training ground as Man Utd consider Solskjaer sack

Sunday’s embarrassing defeat to Liverpool came with its talking points, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s position at Manchester United under increasingly heavy scrutiny.

The Norwegian manager is currently overseeing a four-game winless run in the Premier League, with Sunday’s 5-0 thumping at the hands of their bitter rivals the latest setback in United’s season.

Reports of the club’s waning faith in Solskjaer have been rolling on Monday, with some outlets claiming the club is giving serious consideration to sacking the manager before next weekend’s clash with Tottenham Hotspur.

Furthermore, there are now reports that two players reported into Manchester United’s training ground on Monday but were met by an empty Carrington, with the exception of two physios. The injured pair, who are undergoing rehabilitation programs, were expecting ‘business as usual’ as opposed to an empty training ground.

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Instead, the club’s instructions for employees and players to stay at home became increasingly clear. It remains to be seen whether the deserted Carrington has any connection to the speculation surrounding Solskjaer’s.

As per the report from CaughtOffside, Manchester United technical director Darren Fletcher has emerged as a strong candidate to replace Solskjaer on a temporary basis.

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  1. Solskjaer should not be sacked rather the club should allow the exit of some few players comes January. The manager has no fault in all our defeats. Some few players are not taking their responsibility very serious.. more especially at the heart of defence n midfield roles.attackers have no problems at all…defence and modified must take individual responsibility collectively..

    1. Yes, there’s no defense at all. The players are too soft and escort attackers into the box then fail to clear the balls, they overlap and fail to fall back. Midfielders watch on as opponents move in. Where is Ferdinand and vidic examples?

    2. The reason some players are not taking responsibility it’s the fact that they not happy with Ole’s tactics and Ole does nothing to change hence he must go now!

    3. Totall agree Solskjaer should stay.
      Since he came he took the team to 2nd 3 rd in the league.
      Pogba needs to go. I dont know why he is still there.

    4. Thank you very much Austine,we are indeed watching the same game me and you.Some players are not hungry for that success,commitment is power,We believe as a player when you’re selected you’re to give all that you’ve but their making silly mistakes no communication at all.

    5. You can’t said only players has faults not the manager. You should understand a child fail when the father fail to take his responsibility. OGS has fail a lot as a coach before the players so i don’t believe you saying they shouldn’t sack OGS instead sell players out. OGS has no from players because he fail to do what coach need to do and also listen to his players. Example gadiola listen to his players opinions. What’s wrong if OGS listen to his players

    6. Ole should matter how much you twist it….we were beaten 5-0 by liverpool at excuse..

  2. Manager has to take the blame and be sack. So u mean to say sack some players? Ole is not experience enuf to lead a big team like United. For him Molde is just fine. He cant motivate the players cause he is clueless. Period

  3. Ole should not shoulder the blame for the in efficacy of the players !
    Players have a duty to do their best !! Some players should be ashamed of their efforts and poor performance against Liverpool. It was disgusting.
    Ganging up against the manager and wanting to not perform to spite him is very unbecoming of a professional player , especially when they are paid a handsome sum .
    If the players want politics , then join a political party. Leave the club .
    Ole should focus on players who want to perform and not on those who have been a big name and do nothing !!

  4. OGS has no business being still at the club. Maguire n Fred must also leave. Stop buying new players because Ole is clueless about team selection and tactics.

  5. Ole must go, past 4 year I did not see any trophy, for example like chesea if there coach did not provide any single trophy in a season belive me the coach must be sack immediately, Ole is a average coach to me, he can not handle the team.

  6. Whatever,they can hold on to Ole,but he is visionless,he still gonna get hammered,maybe the Manchester United owners can’t even see that this club is too massive for Ole,he will never win anything

  7. My suggestion to Ole you are doing your best, yet there are some players waiting for the ball to come to them especially defenders that cause the mistake during leicester and liverpool play. Replay and watch you will noticed blundered.

    However my suggestion to Ole manager pray to Lord Ganesa (Hindu) he will remove the obstacle. Thanks

  8. Ole is a disaster. He broke many records with Man. United for all the wrong reasons eg. Salahs hatrick against United. Hes got the best players in the world but no leadership skills. Worlds best and most expensive players are on the bench. We only came second last season because of the losses of other teans now because we did well. They did us, a favour. It’s not happening this time.

  9. Ole must be sack, since four years That he take in charge of manchester united we are trophy less, for example look at Chelsea football club, for one season if the coach did not provide one trophy in a season they we sack him, Ole is a average coach, he can not handle the team, thanks

  10. MU have good players and Ole failed to use them arcoding to their strength and match fitness. It looks like Ole is afraid to bench some of them except Pogba whom he bench under pressure from football analysts. Let him go

  11. 100% the players are to blame, don’t use the Manager as a scapegoat, he is not on the field playing, if you feel he fielded the wrong players, you should be honored he included u in the starting lineup. Therefore u should of given your 110%. I am a Liverpool Supporter.

  12. I personally feel Ole is not cut out for this as his team selection is poor, Fred and Mc Tom can’t hold the ball and give it away in seconds, sloppy passing, Harry M should be benched, Victor L falls asleep while on the pitch far to often,.
    Ole doesn’t know how to get the best out of his players with no man management skills, e.g VDB, JS. Paul P, Bruno F etc.
    I cannot see what MUN are doing on the pitch.
    Give this squad to Kloop or Pep and they will dominate on all fronts.
    On paper our team is devastating and on the pitch they are cartoon characters.
    E. G. CHELSEA took the chance to sack lampard and look at them now they have won the Champions league and sit on top of the PL table.
    Enough with the BULLSHIT, we need consistency and a manager that can man manage and deliver silverware.

  13. Manchester United has everything it takes to challenge every trophy and win without any struggling,but our problem is that our Head Coach lacks tactics on how to use his players,we must do something now it’s too early.

  14. Greenwood is too full of himself can’t track back his opponent at all and seldom shares the ball he wants to finish every ball he receives. He is one weak link in the team especially without the ball

  15. Guys we need a coach like Diago Simone atletico coach he will turn the side to be firing wid a different ball play plus he has alot of experience in the champions League

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