European Super League update: New plan in place

It has been reported that a group of European Super League clubs have drafted a new play – for a total of 40-clubs – though we most note that Manchester United’s involvement remains unknown.

But since the Glazers were frontrunners behind the initial ESL plans, it would be naïve to think they haven’t got their dirty hands all over the updated version.

Just like we weren’t naïve to think the ESL was gone forever – United fans put up the biggest fight of the lot with our protests last season.

All six Premier League clubs involved bailed out, though Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have stuck to their guns by refusing to give up on their ultimate plan.

The new plan envisages two leagues of 20 clubs, as per The Sun (citing‘s report)– potentially killing off the Champions League for starters.

It wouldn’t be a closed shop and clubs that qualify for the competition would be ‘shareholders’ for the year, following the model of other major leagues. This means there would be some form of relegation.

Sky Sports claims the court’s ruling that the three remaining clubs, as mentioned above, would not be prosecuted and that was significant to launching negotiations over a new Super League.

I suspect we will learn more about this in the coming weeks.

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