Adidas planning green and gold Manchester United kit?

This is purely rumoured material. There is nothing official about a green and gold shirt launch, but speculation has began…

Apparently Adidas are in the process of designing a green and gold Manchester United jersey for fans to purchase just in time for Christmas.

The jersey in question will be available only to fans – and the players won’t be wearing it – so they’ve seemingly decided to cash in on the green and gold movement.

Last season, green and gold scarves were twirling during games, after the 10-year anniversary of their first appearance as anti-Glazer memorabilia.

But what kind of marketing are we seeing here? The team behind this concept must be sitting with shit-in-mouth grins across their faces knowing how much money they could make from this, on the back of a passionate fan movement that would become completely redundant by people willing to buy the shirt pictured below.

Something green and gold produced by Adidas or Manchester United won’t help our fight against the Glazers.

What a waste of money/cloth these shirts are if they turn out to be real.

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