Reasons why Manchester United are going to win the Premier League

Manchester United are now entering the upcoming season and they have a lot of genuine ambition when it comes to winning the title.

It is the first time that they can say this in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenure as the boss. It looks like they have had a very promising summer but now is the time to be optimistic.

They know that there are flaws for them to address and they also need to try and sign a defensive midfielder as well. That being said, the side does have the ability to go the whole way. The team are showing constant improvement and they are also showing that they can evolve. They have been able to keep hold of Pogba even though there was a lot of concern with him being sold.

United are Coming Close

United did come close to last season and they managed to top the league in January as well. This has given the whole team a great deal of motivation and it looks like they are truly ready for the season ahead. This is going to give them a lot of belief and it is going to spur them on when you look at their true potential. Of course, last season they took a huge step forward although the other ‘title contenders’ showed little if any of their usual form.. They went from battling it out for the top four to fighting and contending for the title.

Of course, topping Manchester City would not be easy but it looks like the United side is very talented, and it’s apparent that they have what it takes to drive forward although the supporters in general seem to be very critical of the manager, his tactics and team selection. One of the keys to success is getting people back at Old Trafford and supporting. This is going to lift their home form and they saw just 10 out of 19 wins last year. If you look at the Premier League odds, you will soon see that they are leaning towards United’s favour.

Attack! Attack! Attack!

The strengths that United have lie in their attack – the midfield and defence do leave a lot to be desired. Edinson Cavani managed to score well over 17 goals last year and he wants to do his best to improve this time around. He wants to come away with a trophy and he has made no secret about how hard he is trying to make that happen. Mason Greenwood is going to kick on too, not to mention that Marcus Rashford is going to come back after his operation. The key to making them all work though would be Jadon Sancho, although in recent games he hasn’t lived up to his billing. He is a new signing and the winger can create chances while also being able to unlock defences. He can take some of the pressure away from Bruno Fernandes and he managed to score 28 goals last year with 18 assists.

Strength in Depth

It would seem that United have a very impressive strength as a team. They have a very young team and it is full of talent. Players such as Amad and even Anthony Elanga are all capable of chipping in with some very valuable contributions. The team’s midfielders are varied and it would seem that United have two top players for every single position that they have to offer. It doesn’t matter whether it is Diogo Dalot or even Kieran Trippier. They can provide a good amount of competition.

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