(Video) Wayne Rooney tells story about when Fergie jumped over his desk towards Keane

Wayne Rooney has spilled the beans on the angriest he ever saw Sir Alex Ferguson.

“When Roy Keane left the club, I think it’s well known, there was a meeting,” Rooney told the Tony Bellew Is Angry podcast.

“I can’t say the details of the meeting, but obviously Roy Keane’s had a go at some of the players on the club’s TV channel and Fergie weren’t happy so he calls up a meeting and he wants us to all watch it together.

“So, we’ve all gone into Alex Ferguson’s office, the coaches, Alex Ferguson and the whole squad. I was 18 or 19 at the time, we’ve all watched this and Roy has asked any of the players if they have a problem and everyone said no – to be fair, it wasn’t bad.

“It was obviously hangover of something that gone on between Roy and the manager in the past probably. It’s gone into an argument between Roy and the manager and a few different things got said and I saw Alex Ferguson jump over his desk.

“I was just thinking ‘wow this is crazy’! He jumped over the desk and he’s getting held back. It got calmed down, but the next day Roy Keane has come to training and about 30 minutes later we saw him driving off and was the last we saw of him.”

The Scot is seen as the greatest football manager of all-time by many and he was renowned for his fierce approach, especially in the early days of his time at Manchester United.

That said, the ‘hairdryer treatment’ very much remained an aspect of his coaching throughout his career, and one disagreement in 2005 stuck in Rooney’s memory.

Roy Keane was Ferguson’s trusted captain for eight years but after a few fallouts it was the Irishman’s time to move on. He left the club that year.

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