Photo: PSG fans hang anti-Pogba banner outside Parc des Princes

Sections of the PSG support don’t want the Ligue 1 club signing Paul Pogba and have made their feelings known with banners outside the Parc des Princes.

We don’t know what caused the tension between Pogba and PSG’s support, but I recall him celebrating like a mad man after we knocked the French giants out of the Champions League in 2019.

Mark Ogden of ESPN thinks Manchester United want Pogba to stay. However, they are willing accept somewhere in the region of £50 million for his services, which sounds like similar money to what we will have to pay Real Madrid for Raphael Varane.

He has never been the most popular figure at United and it doesn’t sound like there is much excitement building in France about his potential arrival.

PSG fans have hung a banner outside their stadium which reads: “Pogba you should listen to your mother, she doesn’t want you here. Neither do we!”

So, it turns out Pogba isn’t as popular as he thinks he is…

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  1. I’m sure I remember reading that Pogba, and his family, have been lifelong supporters of OM Marseille, enemy no.1 for PSG supporters, and he has publicly said in the past that he would never wish to play for Paris Saint Germain.
    It’s nothing to do with France not wanting him at all, he’s very popular, it’s PSG supporters who don’t want him. (I live in France so I’m conscious of the extreme animosity between PSG and Marseille)

  2. I love that. Pogbo failed to live upto expectation at utd. And he should bear it in his mind that No player is bigger than a club. Iam in the opinion to let him go. Utd were positive eversince bruno fenandez arrived at utd.

  3. Pogba is good but he is not above Manchester United. Him leaving won’t hurt Man Utd because we had better players who left but we still won trophies. OGS can build that team without him. We have exciting players who can win trophies for, the likes Bruno Fernades, Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood, Shaw etc. We just need an upgrade to Pogba and Wilfred Ndidi to fill that void of DM.

  4. He’s talented he can find a killer pass or score a great goal but it’s not surprising his French team mates turned on him as he doesn’t track back, loses possession too much & his performances are far too inconsistent.

  5. the biggest news for me will definitely be Manutd agreed to sale Paul Pogba to PSG,Real Mad,Juventus,Barcelona Please

  6. Forget pogba! Banner will be launch in our first league game at home against leeds utd…

  7. let him go please, paul pogba is nothing in man united history, no players of month no players of the year, he did no bring any tropie to his club, i thing man united should sell him,let him go, he too lazyness.

  8. Pogba should repent, apologise to United fans and PSG fans would sympathise and accept him. PSG fans too will be cheated just like we MU fans were in accepting him. No matter how good he thinks he is one thing for sure is that no body is above any club they play for.
    Pogba, please leave, we need the cash to buy varane!.

  9. He does’nt posses the potency we where expecting of a player of his kind and tallent i can say pogba is still not mature to live his potency

  10. That’s good. He’s a good player but not bigger than Manchester United. Please he should be sold to whoever that cares to buy him. NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN MUFC, not even Bruno, Maguire and the rest.

  11. Pogba should stop thinking that he alone knows football. He is going from hero to zero because he lacks commitment. You can’t be a PSG/ MAN U player without it in the heart.
    he wil soon be like mario baloteli
    in short Pogba doesn’t know what he wants.

  12. pogba is anew mario baloteli “players without a vision” he is naturally jumpy. Let him go away he has bad luck.

  13. I don’t see why OGS thinks we can’t be better without that two timing idiot facts be told he caused the failure of Jose Maurinho in United always leaking the team’s line up to the opposition he’s nothing but trouble if they insist on holding him then we should simply put a padlock on the Trophy’s Cabinet till he we can off load him elsewhere

  14. If you want silver wears forget about pogba and look elsewhere for a player who is serious to play not Paul.

  15. Let him go I beg, Pogba was one of the reasons utd lose 2020/21 Epl trophy.Most of the goals confided by utd was caused by him.He hold on to the ball and when they collect it from him,he doesn’t know how to run.Sell him and use the money to buy Geenlish

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