Glenn Hoddle says Luke Shaw needed Jose Mourinho’s tough love to improve

Former England player and manager is the latest pundit to sing the praises of Luke Shaw after his display against Ukraine last week. The 25-year-old was credited with two assists in the 4-0 win and is now tipped as one of the candidates for player of the tournament.

Glenn Hoddle, who managed England for three years, has praised Shaw after his performances but has also suggested that the former Southampton defender needed Jose Mourinho’s tough love to improve.

“He’s been excellent and he had a bit of pressure on him because [Ben] Chilwell has just won the Champions League and had a great season – and we haven’t seen him yet. That’s how well Shaw has played,” Hoddle told Betfair.

“I think he’s maturing. I think I knew from what I’ve heard, what Jose was on about, he was right. “I think the kid needed a kick up the backside, he needed Jose’s experience, what he’s seen, the people he’s worked with, the professionals he’s worked with, the examples that he’s seen. This kid, at the time, didn’t have that.

“It looks like the penny has dropped now and look how he’s playing. He will look back and probably in a strange sort of way thank Mourinho. Maybe it shouldn’t have been public, but I heard he needed to become more professional.”

Shaw’s estranged relationship with Mourinho is well documented, with the Portuguese manager ridiculing Shaw publicly on numerous occasions. The pair’s rift in front of the cameras was often one-sided as Shaw rarely retaliated. But Stretty News understands that Mourinho’s criticism of Shaw was far more volatile in private.

Mourinho was sacked in 2018 by Manchester United and since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over, the full-back has flourished from strength to strength and is now widely regarded as one of the best left-backs in the world.

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4 responses to “Glenn Hoddle says Luke Shaw needed Jose Mourinho’s tough love to improve”

  1. Nick says:

    I see comments like this, ‘Jose’s tough love made him improve’. Honestly, I’m quite baffled that nobody seems to credit OGS for his man management skills. The Player was total sh*t under Jose. It doesn’t even add up.

    • Silv says:

      Shaw, during Jose’s time was not heeding advice – remember his weight issues, eating junk food – images provided in the media. There were issues with not tracking back, getting caught out absent from his defensive position and lack of tactical awareness of opponents.
      Jose always said the talent was there but the brain too immature and unprofessional fitness wise.

    • Alford Johnson says:

      It doesn’t add up to you because you don’t seem to understand the psycological management of a winning coach. Much as one may like OGS he has now been at MU longer than JM and has not won anything.

    • Jer says:

      He actually improved under Jose and was United’s best player in the final season when Jose got sacked. All the talk and trying to buy Reguillon and then Telles coming in was also huge in getting him to maintain a high level