“Embarrassment” – Gary Neville hits out at punishment handed to United and other ESL clubs

Gary Neville has reacted to the news Manchester United and the other eleven football clubs involved with the European Super League will be fined just over £3 million each. Talk about a lenient punishment!

The story was first ran by The Times before the former Manchester United captain took to Twitter.

He made his thoughts clear, labelling the punishment an ‘embarrassment’ to imply he thinks the price for trying to form a breakaway league should have been heavier.

Neville was extremely vocal against the ESL after it had been announced, so it’s not a surprise to see him a bit miffed at the idea of these owners getting away with it.

The Premier League’s so-called ‘big six’ have also agreed to a huge points deduction should they attempt another breakaway league again. That’s the only real positive to come from this because a £3m fine is peanuts to these owners, and the greed they were talking about was substantial.

Owners of smaller clubs don’t get to throw their weight around like this!

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