Manchester United co-chairman Joel Glazer to address supporters on fans forum

Under fire co-chairman Joel Glazer will make an appearance at a fans forum on Friday, where protests against them and the direction of the club are expected to be hot topics. Joel Glazer and his family were part of the consortium which tried to turn football on its head with a diabolical European Super League scheme six weeks ago.

United’s home game against Liverpool on May 2 was suspended and then postponed after protests outside and inside Old Trafford, the first time in Premier League history that fan-lead protests had seen a match postponed.

The protests were the culmination of 16 years of neglect but Joel Glazer has vowed to increase involvement with the club and communication with fans. Glazer apologised for Manchester United’s involvement in the European Super League and reportedly decided to pay UEFA’s penalty fee from his own pocket, as per the Daily Star.

The catastrophic European Super League collapsed just 48 hours into its existence after vast fan unrest, mainly in England. The news that Manchester United had pulled out of the league was followed by news that Ed Woodward would be resigning from his role as executive vice-chairman at the end of this calendar year.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin addressed the issue again this week and piled more pressure on United’s outgoing decision-maker.

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  1. “…part of the concierge….”? Perhaps you mean ‘consortium’.
    As a match-going red of more than 70 years’ standing who can no longer get to games, I greatly enjoy Stretty News but the constant failings in levels of literacy and basic knowledge, from people who fancy themselves as ‘journalists’, can be very distracting.
    It’s par for the course to have to put up with unjustified self-belief as football pundits (as witness Dale’s constant sniping at David Moyes) but at least have someone do some basic proof-reading.

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