Manchester United ready to test West Ham’s resolve over Declan Rice

Manchester United are set to make a bid for West Ham midfielder Declan Rice, according to reports.

The England midfielder appears to be among United’s top targets this summer after two impressive campaigns as one of West Ham’s best players.

Of course, the Hammers qualified for the Europa League so they have a lot to look forward to next season, but part of me thinks Rice has come to a stage in his career where he needs a big move.

According to the Evening Standard, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready to swoop in for the star midfielder and splash the cash for one of his priority signings. It is also understood that Rice will not push for a move from West Ham, who value him at a ridiculous £90m.

The problem United have in midfield is they play two number 8’s in a holding position because they have no number 6 with the legs to carry us for 90 minutes. Nemanja Matic’s days are numbered but so are the days of Fred and Scott McTominay trying to find a midfield duo.

West Ham could end up pricing Rice out of a big move and I don’t think that will end well for them.

Is Jesse Lingard planning on returning to West Ham for next season?

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  1. Give it a rest. Not a hope. Apart from rice not particularly keen on a move to manu as he has said the ridiculous 90 mill as you put it is at least 10mill short. Dont suppose when you put a price on one of your players it’s ridiculous! NEVER.

      1. He isnt for sale, hence the price. You have absolutely no chance of signing him. You should be facing points deduction for purposely fielding weakened sides in contravention of PL rules and we would then finish above you. He is our captain and one of the reasons Lingard wishes to become a permanent West Ham player and we are in Europe next year. You need to move on to someone you could buy because Rice is not it.

        1. Agree about the points deduction -also still waiting for action over -dont laugh- ESL !!!

  2. This guy is retard. “Won’t end up very well for him”. Dude he’s captain of a team that finished 4 places behind you. He has a top manager in Moyes not some school kid, thinking he a top manager like Solskjaer. Lazy journalism, because they a big clubs think they can get others players cheap, hilarious. If he going anywhere he going Chelsea. Rice ro Man U, never ever will happen LOL.

    1. Shocking language. I stopped reading when you said Rice has a top manager in Moyes.

      Trust me, if player has his way this summer he won’t be sticking around for David fucking Moyes.

      1. Moyes is by far more of a top manager than Sols- who cant do much with millions of debt. Cut the language. Not clever.

      2. Really ? Neither will manu fans – well pseudo fans – as you win nothing again. As for Rice he will be at West Ham for a while longer yet. MOYES nowhere near the budget Manu- well debt – and didnt do bad in comparison. I wonr lt swear though.

  3. You forgot said top manager couldn’t cut it at man utd. Are you in the CL, nope you are not and never have been despite a fantastic season by your standards.

    Chelsea don’t need him. No one in their right mind is paying 100m for rice and it’s your right to value him at 1 billion even if you wish. He’ll stay put till he decides he is ready to step up to highest level and force the issue.

    1. Wont be going to manu then that’s obvious. Manu their supporters anyway arrogant and refuse to recognise their better days are long gone. Prawn sandwich brigade will be off and the trains from surrey will be empty. Arrogance brings a true response.

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