An open letter to Joel Glazer

Dear Mr. Glazer,

Like most Manchester United supporters, I felt an enormous sense of pride in the club at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The way the club conducted itself was a perfect example of how to behave. Sadly, Mr. Glazer many of your actions, or inactions, since have eroded that pride. Like most of my peers I took the time to read your open letter to us. But, Sir, actions speak louder than words and we have had empty promises before. So this is my open letter to you.

If ever there was a time to show us you mean what you say then that time is now. Ole and the players have delivered a memorable season. One quarter final, one semi final, the possibility of a trophy and a second placed finish. After the debacle surrounding the European Super League, your neglect of the ground and training facilities, now is the moment to prove you are a man of your word.

Investment in the squad is one thing, wise investment is another. We can all see the glaring holes in the squad and these have existed for a number of years. If you meant what you said and you want this club to be back at the top, the time to fix them is now. I’m sure Ole and his staff have given you his targets, do the right thing by him and by us and deliver them to him.

We know the club has been hit by COVID like the rest of the world, but we also know the club is still amongst the richest in the world, it’s time to show it. Give Ole the resources he needs to succeed. If you are truly serious about returning the club its previous heights then don’t just say it, show it.

Jonathan Kahn, Stretty News contributor

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  1. If joel glazer want fans to be calm give them their priority sancho and rice. Utd should stop messing around and get us a right wing, center back and mid fielder. We don.t need center forward ole john and joel be wise and smart.

  2. Agreed action speaks louder than words. Give Ole Solskjaer the players he needs and appoint a proper CEO. Appointing from within is not acceptable. It will just be a Woodward clone. There is only ONE candidate, EDWIN VAN DER SAAR. Get it done as a matter of urgency and if he wants to bring Marc Overmars with him, so be it.

  3. I appreciate the author has sought to reach out to the Glazer family, however I have a question:

    At what point, after 16 years of no communication or investment in the ground and facilities, of leveraged debt, of exorbitant interest rates and debt financing, of non-reinvested share sales and unrestrained dividends, of general decline culminated by a clandestine attempt last month to knife supporters in the back, attempt to wrench the club from its community, and kill English football….

    …at what point do you say ‘NO. ENOUGH. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS THEIR FORCED REMOVAL’?

    There is nothing left to be said to them, certainly not ask them.

  4. Glazers are scared and they are still adamant. Fans gave u their priority targets and utd are trying to give us coman. Glazer do something before it’s too late.

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