Thousands of Manchester United fans make Old Trafford green and gold

The result was disappointing, but it was great to see 10,000 Manchester United fans back at Old Trafford. Thousands held up anti-Glazer signs as the club welcomed them back to the stadium.

United fans continued to vent their frustration at the Glazer family by holding up green and golden ‘Glazers Out’ signs as the teams emerged from the tunnel.


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The message was clear – and the players certainly know how strong the fans feel against the owners, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to them.

This comes after protests were held against the Glazers – during which Manchester United v Liverpool needed to be rescheduled. Tonight’s game saw Edinson Cavani open the scoring with a screamer but it wasn’t enough as Fulham equalised in the second half thanks to Joe Bryan.

Check out the latest episode the Strettycast where I discuss recent anti-Glazer protests and why I think that the American family are feeling pressure like never before.

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  1. Fans have made their choice. They want sancho and glazers are trying to inpose kane by force. Glazers give fans what they want. Sign sancho and win ur fans trust.

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